Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

The news is filled with stories about budget cuts coming from the federal government. Is there anyone with more than a room temperature IQ who doesn't think that they spend too much??

To end the argument about how much damage a 5% budget will do to the economy, I will invoke Jones' rule of circumcision. You can take 10% off of anything and it will still work.

How did it cost the taxpayers for Michele Obama to appear on the Academy Awards show to present an Oscar the other night?

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. There's some information that you can't get everywhere!

Tried working the ##@@**## Sudoku puzzle again. The News & Record has changed sources on their Sudoku puzzle. It hasn't made any difference to me. I stil can't solve it.

College basketball peaks this month. March Madness will soon be in full swing. Someone wake me when it's over.

I received a picture of Alice (my granddaughter) today. The caption read, "Walking and drinking water at the same time." That's great!! I still can't do that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Barack

Open letter to Barack Obama:

Mr. President,

 While you and your friends were playing golf at a private resort in Florida over the weekend, the price of gasoline went up between ten and fifteen cents a gallon. I'm telling you this because I know that you can't read those gas station signs from Air Force One or from the tinted windows of the limo.

 I know that it doesn't impact you because we the taxpayers buy your gasoline, but it matters to a lot of us who have to drive to our jobs. Those jobs enable us to keep paying taxes so that you and the rest of the ruling class don't have to get real jobs. So before you start bleeding us for Obamacare, how about a little relief on the price of gas??

It's interesting that you want to regulate health care, but have no interest in the price of gas. I realize that a lot of your supporters don't own cars, but take a look at it anyway.

Don't waste your breath on that carbon footprint crap. When you are riding around in a minivan, we will talk about that. In the interim, remember that real leaders lead by example. You need to park Air Force One and the limo and all of the Suburbans and gain a little credibility. Call if you have questions.

Gilbert Jones

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Satire

I was at the Wells Fargo bank in Graham yesterday and saw a sign that they would be open on Monday, President's Day. They were closed on MLK Day, but they are open on President's Day? We used to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday and then they were combined into President's Day. Now they aren't celebrating that. Apparently holidays have fallen victim to political correctness. Not knowing our history will result in a nation that won't know where it is going. As a closing thought, where would MLK have been without Lincoln??

Last week I stopped at Harris Teeter for cream cheese for some peanut butter pies. Cream cheese was on sale. I had to find that myself online. My friend who sends me the HT sales info forgot about me this week. Anyway I was standing at the cream cheese picking up 4 packs of Philadelphia brand when a woman standing beside me said, “Honey, you probably didn’t see this, but the HT brand is on sale for $1.97 each”. I said, “Yes, but the Philadelphia is 2 for $3.” She said, “Yes, but that’s not as cheap as $1.97 each.” I grabbed my cream cheese and took off!! Where does the United States rank on math tests?

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife have agreed to plead guilty in a case involving diversion of campaign funds for personal use. He's going to jail for buying a fedora that belonged to Michael Jackson among other things. Jackson is a product of the same Illinois Democratic machine that gave us Obama.

In the news this morning, Obama is headed to Florida for a "boys weekend" playing golf. Do you think that he is taking any of the 23 million unemployed with him for this taxpayer funded holiday? How many of us have an employer who will send us to Florida to play golf this weekend? It's looking more like the old Soviet Union every day!!!

Olympic Arms is refusing to sell AR-15s to police departments in states where they ban citizens from owning them. They have also refused to advertise the journal of the Fraternal Order of Police because they support the assault weapon ban. Here's a link to more information on that:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of His Union

Here's a little rant that I posted on Facebook earlier today. If you aren't my friend on Facebook and not many people are, here it is.

I have watched and read the highlights of last night's State of his Union speech by the President. As all of my classmates at Pierce Jr. High who were in P.A. Russo's Civics class must know, Obama must have failed Civics. Had he stayed awake in class, he would have known that the function of the executive branch is to implement and enforce the laws that the legislative branch passes. Obama is threatening to implement carbon restrictions if the Congress does not pass a law doing that. This from a guy who rides in Air Force One, is chauffered in a five ton limo or rides around in armored SUVs. This is from a guy who has a carbon footprint bigger than his wife's butt. He wants us to ride in some electric car than can only go 50 miles and won't hold your family. This looks a lot like the leadership of the old Soviet Union. No wonder he wants to disarm us all!!!