Monday, April 18, 2016

NBA Bias??

The NBA Board of Commissioners will meet today to discuss the NC HB2 and whether it will impact next year's NBA All-Star game in Charlotte. The NBA has said that the law is discriminatory.

So the NBA thinks that we are discriminating in North Carolina? Lets look at the facts about the NBA. Is the ratio of white and black players reflective of the nation's ethnic makeup? How many players are of Hispanic and Asian ethnic background? How does the ethnic makeup of the head coaches compare to that of the players? Does the NBA have an affirmative action plan in place to help those under-represented ethnic groups?

Want to talk about sexual discrimination? Quick, name an openly gay NBA player!! There are many openly gay lesbians in the WNBA, but no gay men in the NBA. Given the law of averages, how does this happen? How many transgender players are in either league??

Here's some advice to the NBA lords. Shut up and play basketball!! Your own record on discrimination is abysmal. Call me when you want to have a factual discussion

High School Memories #1

To my Class of 1971 classmates. The biggest issue regarding restroom use in 1971 at Leto High School was fighting your way through the cigarette smoke and hoping there was toilet tissue in the dispenser in the stall. I miss the simpler times
Today Ringo Starr cancelled a concert in Cary, NC. Do you think that these stars use the same restrooms that the rest of us use?? No, they have some private spots backstage. Probably use Perrier in the flush cycles. I doubt that the toilet tissue has the texture of recycled newsprint and that the paper towels are recycled sandpaper.

I have been to a couple of Kenny Rogers concerts. Never met him waiting in line at intermission. How many entertainers have you met waiting in line at the restrooms?? Entertainers are like politicians. Politicians don't think you need guns. However, they are guarded by people with guns. Entertainers are all upset about the restroom issue, but they have private ones to use.

If you had told me 45 years ago that restrooms would be the national controversy for this year, I would have had you committed. But here we are.

Here's a simple solution. Put a picture of a penis on one door and a picture of a vagina on another door. Look at your equipment, if you must, then match it up with the drawing and use that door.
I understand that this will not sit well with those in the LGBT crowd, but that's the way it goes.

Mom said it best, "You aren't always going to get everything you want. Get used to it!!"

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Reflections from the Road

I made a road trip to Louisiana last week. Left home on Tuesday morning and checked on my Aunt Kitty in Charlotte to start my day. Leaving Charlotte, I headed south.  I visited with friends in Newnan, Georgia on the way down there. The next day I went to Destin, Florida to visit my sister and her husband for a couple of days.  Finally made it to Prairieville, Louisiana on Friday.

Visiting the guy who claims to be my only friend, Ken, is always an experience. Nothing like a couple of fat guys bellying up to the buffet at the Golden Corral to make it an interesting evening. I think that the lovely Mrs. Ken   (Teddy) limits Ken's outings to the Corral to days that I am visiting. We all probably ate too much.

I won't say that Ken is pretty well armed, but  I sleep better knowing that if a Jihadist group shows up at the door, we will have them outgunned.

What did I learn visiting Ken in Newnan? If you have a breakfast at the Waffle House with Ken, sit at the table for four, not the one for two. You need the plate room.

Thanks to the guys at the gun counter at Academy Sports in Newnan for obeying the federal gun laws!! While Ken was looking at guns, a couple came in to look at guns. The man decided on one. When the employee pulled out the forms to have the buyer fill out, the lady announced that she was the purchaser and was going to give the gun to him. The employees told her that would be a "straw buyer" situation and was illegal. The man got hostile and told the employee that it was legal and that he was going to call the police so they could tell the store they had to sell him the gun. The employees told him to call the police. We left before the police arrived.

Headed to Destin on Wednesday. I love the ride from Montgomery to Florala on US 331. But once you get to I-10 in Florida, it's pretty much a nightmare. It was spring break and Easter week in Destin. We had dinner at Lulu's in Destin. It's owned by Lucy Buffet, Jimmy's sister. Just because your brother sings doesn't mean that you should be in the restaurant business. We had chili dogs at home the next night. The food and service were better than Lulu's.

Cakemasters Bakery in Fort Walton Beach is worth the trip from almost anywhere. I made two visits while in Destin. Their Napoleons are incredible!! I snacked on one on the ride from Florida to Louisiana.

All of the billboards along I-10 in Mississippi are advertising the casinos in the Biloxi area. It beats all those damn billboards in Louisiana and Alabama advertising attorneys or ambulance chasers. Use the term that you prefer!

I didn't get my Cain's fix in Louisiana. They were closed for Easter Sunday. We went to Popeye's for my fried chicken fix instead. 

Any thoughts that Louisiana is a Southern state went down the crapper on Sunday morning when I went to McDonalds for a gravy biscuit and found that they don't have a gravy biscuit in that area. I had a Sausage McGriddle for the first and last time.

I will cover the return trip another day. I hear my name being called!!