Sunday, November 12, 2017

Incest, Fraud and more

I need to stop reading the news!! From Fox News comes the story that a woman in Oklahoma has pleaded guilty in an incest case for marrying her mother. Her mother lost custody of her children years ago and her name was removed from their birth certificates. Stop perverts!! Before you get the idea that this was all about sex, it wasn't. The detective who questioned them said that it was actually part of a scheme to defraud the government and get more health care benefits. I will bet $100 that the Supreme Court didn't see this one coming when they upheld Obamacare and then legalized gay marriage. What kind of legal defense goes, "It's not really about sex. We are just trying to cheat the government on health benefits"??

This was not the mother's first marriage causing legal problems. In 2008, she married a son. The marriage was annulled a couple of year later because of incest. Really??

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at their family reunion?? They must have fascinating conversations. I can't believe that this hasn't been made into a mini-series. Maybe there are some topics the networks won't touch?? I have read some pretty strange news in my life, but this is the leader in pure perversion. I used to think that you had to go a long way to offend me, but these people have done it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Fake News R Us

A story in the News & Record of Greensboro this morning is headlined  "HPU Poll: Wealthy will benefit from Trump Tax Plan".

In a moment of stupidity, I took the bait and read the story. I posted the comment below after reading the story on the N&R site.
"This is journalism at its worst. If you read the polling data, they polled 352 people. First, they didn't ask what people knew about the plan, they asked what they had "heard". 49 % had heard "little", 27% had heard "not much". Only 23% claimed to have heard "a lot". At this point, they should have stopped, they did not. Also, it is not just the HPU poll, it is the HPU/News & Record poll. So in a poll that involves a group where 76% has little or no knowledge of the subject, 60% think the wealthy will benefit the most. This is just crap!! This is more than "fake news", this is a total lack of responsibility on the part of the newspaper. With your "freedom of the press" comes a responsibility to report the facts. There are none worth reporting in this story."

The News & Record proudly posted a headline from a poll of people who knew little or nothing about the subject. Do they have any standards?? No!!! They are all so excited that a Democrat won in Virginia yesterday that they will print anything. By the way, Virginia voted for Hillary a year ago, so who could be surprised that they would vote for another Democrat?

Does headlining the results of a poll where the respondents know little about the subject qualify as "Fake news"? I think so.

In local elections, the N&R did point out that 8 of the 9 City Council members are now women and that there are "no white males" on the Council. I missed their outrage over a group (white males) not being represented on the City Council.

It is back to NOT reading the News & Record for me.