Monday, June 13, 2016

HBO - History By Obama

Yep! You heard it here first. Yesterday I watched Obama's live address to the nation or those left alive in the nation about the slaughter in Orlando over the weekend.

Unable to address any situation without attacking gun owners, Obama stated that the Orlando tragedy was a reminder about the easy access to firearms. What if the killer had set the building on fire? Would Obama have spoken about the easy access to gasoline and matches??

Stop for a minute and think about this point by Obama. Here's a chance for him to start a whole new career as an alternative historian. He can start pointing out the real causes of historical events.

In History By Obama, Pearl Harbor was not caused by Japan's imperialistic goals but by a surplus of airplanes and aircraft carriers. If the Japanese had not had so many warplanes, they would not have attacked the United States. It's a whole new way of thinking, it's not a human mistake, it's a supply situation.

In History By Obama, Hitler didn't attack Europe and Russia because he was a power hungry madman. He did it because he had all those Panzer tanks sitting around. It was a manufacturing error!! Suddenly, "The Arms of Krupp" makes more sense. The Hitler wars were their fault.

In History by Obama, the American Revolution was probably started because there were a bunch of British soldiers in Boston with nothing to do. So a Royal Governor with easy access to British soldiers, sent them to Lexington and Concord. There's a lesson for President Obama in this one however. The Governor sent them out to eliminate the easy access to firearms by the Americans. That was the start of the First American Revolution. Write that down, Barack!!

In History by Obama, when Obama's Arab buddies attacked Israel repeatedly, it was not a hatred of the Jewish people or even a desire for their territory. It was about easy access to gasoline. The Arabs had all of that gas sitting around. They had no where to go, no grass to cut, no weedeating to do. They had to do something with all of that gasoline. Let's just fill up the tanks and the jets and go destroy Israel!!

I can't wait for the HBO mini series on the "History" channel!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Facebook and free expression??

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and posted it on Facebook. My original post disappeared from Facebook a few hours after I posted it. I didn't get any notification from Facebook, it just disappeared. Who says they aren't censoring things??

Earlier in the day I posted a comment that disappeared from Facebook this afternoon. I will try again. What is missing in this whole furor over bathroom usage is a logical discussion on the whole concept of transgenderism. Why are we rearranging the world to accommodate this group of people? How many are there? What percentage of the population are they? What is the driving force behind this whole LGBT thing anyway? Where's the money coming from to finance all of this? Transgenderism is not a physical disorder, it is a mental issue. If we are going to accommodate this disorder, what other mental sex disorders are we going to celebrate? Pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality are all mental sex disorders. At what point will these behaviors become acceptable? In the drive to make our society all-inclusive, we will destroy our society. A society without standards of behavior is a failure

I did not say that transgender people should not receive respect and compassion. But to encourage them to use restrooms of the other sex and to get surgery is enabling their disorder. If a person thinks that they are a dog, do we encourage him to run in the street chasing cars? Of course not!! But my question still remains. Why, all of a sudden, is this so important? Who is pushing all of this? What is the goal of all this? Societies rarely suddenly collapse. They go by the wayside, piece by piece. I believe that this is what is taking place right now. Did we not learn anything from the Romans? At least the Romans had enough drive to walk to the Coliseum. Today all you need to do is turn on the TV to get your fill of depraved behavior in the comfort of your home. Sorry, but I think that we are doomed. Abraham Lincoln spoke in 1838 to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, IL. He said ". As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." As much as I dislike quoting Lincoln, he was right!!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Open Letter to Richard Dreyfuss

Open letter to Richard Dreyfuss:

Dear Richard,

I see that Sunday on Twitter, you wrote,
"The saddest people aren't Donald Trump's supporters. They're really struggling. It's Donald Trump's celebrity supporters who are whores,"

Here's a little wisdom from the real world , Richard....
I liked your performance in "American Graffiti". On our first real date, my wife and I saw you and Marsha Mason in "The Goodbye Girl." Great movie.
Having said that, I disagree with your claim that Trump supporters are "struggling". I am also sure that some in your community object to being called "whores". 

Let me break it down for you, Rich. I don't give a rat's ass what some whiney-assed entertainer says about the issues facing our nation. Actors spend their careers pretending to be someone else. I would consider your grasp on reality to be tenuous, at best. There is nothing in your acting experiences that gives you any knowledge of our national situation that is any more meaningful than my humble "struggling" opinion.

If you want to stop belittling me and have a meaningful conversation, call me. If not, please shut up.
Gilbert Jones