Sunday, March 17, 2019

Political Nonsense??

Just a few random thoughts on politics on a Sunday evening.

Robert Francis O'Rourke? Here's a guy of Irish-Welsh origin who goes by Beto O'Rourke as he tries to be America's first Hispanic President. Will any one notice the pasty white skin??

Of course, we also have Elizabeth Warren, who has claimed to be of Indian (Native American) descent wanting to be our first Cherokee President. I saw her home video of her and her husband popping open a couple of beers. Stay away from the firewater, Liz!!

Cory Booker thinks he is Spartacus. Do we really need to go any deeper?

Kamala Harris? Roseanne said it best when she said that Kamala had slept her way to the bottom. Born of a Jamaican father and an Indian (from India) mother, Kamala spent half her childhood growing up in Canada. Her current claim to fame is that she admitted to smoking a joint while listening to a couple of rappers. Unfortunately, neither rapper had put out any music(?) at that time. She wants to be our first black, female President. Willie Brown has confirmed that she is a female, but the black thing is pretty shaky.

Reuters News has confirmed that they did not run a story about "Beto" before the Senate election against Cruz. The DOJ went after the National Enquirer because they had a story about Trump and didn't run it. Will they go after Reuters or is this just another law that only applies to conservatives.

Where did all of these laws come from that only apply to President Trump?

Are the Democrats going to do anything other than investigate every aspect of Trump's life? There is a report today that he farted when he net Obama at the White House. Jerry Nadler wants you to call if you can testify about this.

CNN - Credible News Never

Fox News is suspending Judge Jeanine Piro for anti-Muslim comments about a Congresswoman who made anti-Semitic comments and was not even officially rebuked by Congress or the Democratic leadership. So much for equal treatment?? What it looks like to me is that Democrats believe that it is okay to trash Jews, but not Muslims.

There is a string of international terrorist incidents going back more than 50 years that all involves young Muslim males. Either there is a problem with that religion or this is the greatest string of coincidences in the history of mankind. You pick!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Political Oscar Nominees

It's award show season. That's the time of year when loons migrate to California to pat each other on the back. In between pats on the back, the loons tell the rest of us how despicable and uneducated we are. They tell us that if we could only be more like them, the world would be a better place. The world would be a better place if Jim Jones had held his Kool-Aid party in California. But I digress.

The Political Oscar nominees were announced in Yeehaw Junction yesterday. This serves as an unofficial kickoff for the 2020 Presidential campaign.

The first nominee is Sen. Elizabeth Warren who plays the part of an American Indian. Warren claimed to have never used this before to advance her career. The Washington Post in their effort to ordain Kamala Harris as the front-runner, ran a story exposing the fact that in registering for the bar in Texas, Warren had written that she was American Indian. Not to be deterred, Warren kicked off her official campaign this weekend anyway. We are looking forward to her popping open another  brewski in her next home video. Maybe after that she can go find that tank that Dukakis used and drive it over a teepee.

Robert Francis O'Rourke is of Irish and Welsh ancestry, yet he goes by "Beto" in the hope that people will believe that he is Hispanic. Beto should contact Warren's DNA people for help with this. In the meantime, he should consider going by "Padre"??

Straight from the shithole of New Jersey is Cory Booker. Booker believes himself to be Spartacus. There's just not anything left to say on that one. There are the usual sexual misconduct allegations, but he is a Democrat.

Finally, Kamala Harris, who purports to represent the black community. She is at least partially black. She is the favorite of the news media. They may have problems holding off the coronation ceremony until she is at least the Democratic nominee. I can't wait for all of the stories about the Indian-Jamaican-American woman who spent several years growing up in Canada and is married to a white, Jewish lawyer but who understands completely the problems of the American black community. Just don't ask her what she did during her time as the California Attorney-General.

The dark horse late entry is Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia. While not a Presidential contender, the Governor is quite the actor. After first admitting that it was him, the Governor now denies that he is either the guy in blackface or the Klansman in the picture on his yearbook page. However, he does admit to putting shoe polish on his face to portray Michael Jackson. While Michael was lightening his skin, Ralph was darkening his skin. Go figure!!

Keep an eye out for updates on this news. We may need to add some write-in or petition nominees before the awards ceremony.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Please Kill the Pro Bowl

Memo to the NFL:
Kill the Pro Bowl

This afternoon my wife was watching television and was scanning stations for something to watch. Unfortunately, she stopped on the Pro Bowl. She asked me who was playing. I explained the concept of the Pro Bowl. I called it a "beauty contest". I was overestimating the level of play.

To be kind, this game is a joke! At the first hint of contact on a running play, the whistle sounds. I have seen harder hitting at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. At A.P. Leto High School in 1970, we had a Powder Puff game in the fall. The girls were hitting harder than the pros were hitting today. In Phys Ed, we hit harder in flag football than they did today. Just a reminder, football is normally a physical contest.

The old "Dance Fever" show had harder hitting and better moves than this game did. Why even play it?? I heard one announcer say that these were the best players in the league. This might be quite a surprise to those who will be playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday.

You have changed the location, you have changed the week the game is played. Just forget it, drop the game. Kill the Pro Bowl!! No on will notice. Do you ever hear anyone say, "Wow!! I can't wait to see the Pro Bowl?" The best thing that happened to me was when my wife switched the television back to the "Swamp People" marathon

Give it up!! Kill it now!!!

Friday, January 04, 2019

Freaky Friday 2

Nancy Pelosi claimed in an interview that the Constitution says that she and the President are considered equals. Obviously, this ends all debate over whether she has actually read the Constitution. She hasn't.

The City of Winston-Salem has ordered a Confederate statue removed from downtown because it has been vandalized twice in the last month. So if someone sprays paint on signs for MLK Street, are they going to be removed? Water towers are routinely spray painted  by vandals, will they be declared a public nuisance?

Chuck "The Schmuck" Schumer. What else can I say??

Tribes in Afghanistan have been killing each other for years. There is not a thing in Afghanistan worth a single American's life. It's time to bring them those soldiers and airmen  home.

American arrested in Moscow for spying the other day. The government of course, claims that he is not a spy. If we don't have spies, where's all of that money in the "black budget" going?

While on that whole "black budget" idea, I will vote for anyone willing to end that practice. If the government won't tell us how they are spending our money, they shouldn't spend it.

Sunday brings the Golden Globes or some such crap. This is when the mental cases in Hollywood gather to give themselves awards for pretending to be someone else. Can't believe that that Obama never won a Golden Globe for pretending to be an American??

You are safer in Syria than in Chicago. Is this why Democrats don't want Trump to bring troops home from Syria??

I bought some old Life magazines last week. One issue had pictures of German spies being executed after the Battle of the Bulge. Today, they wouldn't have the courage to publish those photos. They might offend some group.

After a year to relocate, Tex & Shirley's re-opened in Greensboro last Wednesday. Maybe now, people will stop asking me when they will re-open??  The downside to that is that a couple stopped me in a store  the other night to tell me about their miserable experience there on Thursday.

A couple of months ago the News & Record increased their daily paper price to $2.00. It's too small to line the dog kennel and too coarse to use to wipe your butt. What can you do with it??

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday Topics

I have listened to my limit from that cocksucker Don Lemon at CNN. It is obvious that his only function is to attack President Trump. Other than spreading racist hatred, exactly what does Lemon do?

Before questioning Michael Flynn, the FBI failed to inform him that he could have an attorney present. This from the "premiere" law enforcement agency in the nation??

The News & Observer in Raleigh lost an appeal on a $6 million judgement in a libel lawsuit. They slandered an SBI firearms expert in a "news" story.

James Comey and Robert Mueller leave me longing for the days of J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI.

Penny Marshal of Laverne & Shirley has passed away. Proud to say that I never watched an episode. Wasn't she married to "Meathead" Rob Reiner.

Had an ad on my ATT/Yahoo e-mail page from Elizabeth for MA. Pocahontas has started her Senate campaign early. She wasted that money paying to have me read that swill.

When reading news online, compare the headline to the content of the story. Raise your hand if you spot a case where they are similar.

The Greensboro News & Record worsens by the day. Bankruptcy and a shutdown can not come too soon.

Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed the Voter ID law. By the time anyone reads this the legislature will have overridden his veto.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday Morning Moans

I am so tired of hearing the word "literally" that I will "literally" barf on the next person who says that to me.

The Mueller "investigation" plods on. They announced that they reached "a non-prosecution settlement" with the National Enquirer. The rabid Democrats on Mueller's team thought that the National Enquirer made a campaign contribution to Trump by buying a story and not printing it. Apparently, some one was sane enough to realize that this was incredibly stupid and stopped the process. What news do the networks have about Hillary Clinton and other Democrats that they have never reported? Are these campaign contributions?

We are facing another government shutdown on Friday. Of course, most governments workers have already stopped working for the holidays.

Some faculty members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are threatening a "grade strike" if there demands about removing  the Silent Sam memorial are not met. Fuck them! Fire them if they fail to perform their jobs!!

I have heard rumors that the NFL is still playing. My nephew, Jonny Fever, is a Panthers fan. He believes that the Panthers stopped playing about a month ago. Apparently, they have lost five in a row.

The Socialist moron Ocasio-Cortes continues to demonstrate that she really is an idiot. Somebody should tutor her in Civics. However,  I don't know if she can hold a candle to Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia. At a hearing, Johnson questioned a Navy admiral about Johnson's concerns that the island of Guam might tip over and capsize if we put too much equipment and too many people on it. I'm not making this up. He gets re-elected regularly. Intelligence is not a prerequisite for Congress.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Have we become what we once feared?????

There is nothing like time on your hands from retirement and a night spent in the ICU for a medical issue to cause one to reflect on life and the world in which one lives. The question that I find myself fixated upon is "Have we become the nation that we once opposed?"

George Washington warned us about foreign entanglements. No one listened, then or now. Quick, name an actual significant accomplishment of the United Nations. We don't even need to waste our time with that.

Let's start at home. Have you read the Declaration of Independence recently? I suggest that you do this. Pay particular attention to the list of grievances against the King. Have we not just replaced the king with a massive, "elected" government?

People tell me that the Civil War was fought to "set men free" and to end slavery. Today, the issue is called  "human trafficking". People are bringing illegal immigrants here so that they can work for less than our citizens. Is this not slavery in a 21st Century form??

Thanks to the poorly named "Patriot Act", we have secret courts in our country. Is this in keeping with the ideas of the Declaration of Independence or The Constitution? We used to attack the USSR and other Communist countries for having courts like these. Now we do it.

The United States Senate just passed a resolution condemning Saudi Arabia for killing a Saudi journalist. Please direct me to the Senate resolution about those Branch Davidians who died at Waco at the hands of the FBI and the ATF.

The government monitors communications of our citizens and of people around the world. We have a "black budget" in our federal government spending. We aren't told what they are spending it on or even how much it actually is. At the end of the day, we are sending our money to Washington so that they can spy on us. Is the FBI the old KGB?

We have a federal judiciary system that invents laws and rights. They cannot understand the Second Amendment, yet they found the right to abortions and gay marriage somewhere in the Constitution. What happened to the Bill of Rights?  People keep talking about term limits on elected officials, how about term limits on federal judges?

We brag about giving everyone the freedom of speech. That only works if you agree with the trending opinions. Try speaking out against the "cause du jour" and see what happens. If you oppose any of the liberal agenda, you will not be heard. Conservative speakers and programs are banned from many schools and events. I don't recall Hitler giving Jews and others equal time on the radio.

People have their property taken to build shopping malls, sports arenas, stadiums, and casinos. I don't believe that any of these promote the "general welfare". This is especially true when the government takes it to sell to a business for commercial use. This simply isn't the same as building a highway.

In the Roman Empire they used sporting events to keep the population entertained. Today we have the NFL, the NBA, college sports and other swill to keep the masses distracted from the real issues. People who don't know the name of the Vice-President of the United States can name every player on a basketball team.

Those who favor socialism like to quote numbers that give the huge difference in pay between corporate CEOs and their factory workers. Why don't they compare the salary of an athlete to the pay of the hot dog vendor working in the stands?

No politician has ever said that they are in government for the money. Why do so many of these same politicians leave Washington richer than we they arrived? How does this happen? Is this not the same as the ruling class in the old Soviet Union?

"Born Free, Taxed to death". Do we really even need to discuss this one? In the People's Republic of California, they want to impose a tax on text messages. They claim that this money will be used to enable poor people to text. If you believe this, Barnum was right.

Politicians take money from us in taxes to buy the votes of those who cannot or do not earn enough money to have the same things. This is how they stay in office. We have created a permanent underclass with government social programs.

I will wrap up this lengthy rant with this quote from the Declaration of Independence.

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance."