Wednesday, December 27, 2017



The Gallup poll has announced that once again Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the woman and man "anywhere in the world" most admired by Americans.

First, i cannot believe that after the election of 2016, anyone still pays attention to polls. 

Second, just in case you are still a believer, here's some more info from Gallup.

Obama won with 17% picking him. Clinton won with 9% picking her. Gallup tells us that 25% of Americans did not pick anyone. Furthermore, 9% picked a friend or relative as the man most admired. This means that Obama got less than twice the votes of your cousin or dad. Those surveyed picked a relative as most admired woman 13% of the time. This means that Hillary got less votes than your relatives.

The bottom line, which does not appear anywhere in the Gallup article, is that 83% of Americans picked someone other then Obama and 91% picked someone other than Clinton. 

Polls have lost their accuracy and relevancy. POLL THIS!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Incest, Fraud and more

I need to stop reading the news!! From Fox News comes the story that a woman in Oklahoma has pleaded guilty in an incest case for marrying her mother. Her mother lost custody of her children years ago and her name was removed from their birth certificates. Stop perverts!! Before you get the idea that this was all about sex, it wasn't. The detective who questioned them said that it was actually part of a scheme to defraud the government and get more health care benefits. I will bet $100 that the Supreme Court didn't see this one coming when they upheld Obamacare and then legalized gay marriage. What kind of legal defense goes, "It's not really about sex. We are just trying to cheat the government on health benefits"??

This was not the mother's first marriage causing legal problems. In 2008, she married a son. The marriage was annulled a couple of year later because of incest. Really??

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at their family reunion?? They must have fascinating conversations. I can't believe that this hasn't been made into a mini-series. Maybe there are some topics the networks won't touch?? I have read some pretty strange news in my life, but this is the leader in pure perversion. I used to think that you had to go a long way to offend me, but these people have done it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Fake News R Us

A story in the News & Record of Greensboro this morning is headlined  "HPU Poll: Wealthy will benefit from Trump Tax Plan".

In a moment of stupidity, I took the bait and read the story. I posted the comment below after reading the story on the N&R site.
"This is journalism at its worst. If you read the polling data, they polled 352 people. First, they didn't ask what people knew about the plan, they asked what they had "heard". 49 % had heard "little", 27% had heard "not much". Only 23% claimed to have heard "a lot". At this point, they should have stopped, they did not. Also, it is not just the HPU poll, it is the HPU/News & Record poll. So in a poll that involves a group where 76% has little or no knowledge of the subject, 60% think the wealthy will benefit the most. This is just crap!! This is more than "fake news", this is a total lack of responsibility on the part of the newspaper. With your "freedom of the press" comes a responsibility to report the facts. There are none worth reporting in this story."

The News & Record proudly posted a headline from a poll of people who knew little or nothing about the subject. Do they have any standards?? No!!! They are all so excited that a Democrat won in Virginia yesterday that they will print anything. By the way, Virginia voted for Hillary a year ago, so who could be surprised that they would vote for another Democrat?

Does headlining the results of a poll where the respondents know little about the subject qualify as "Fake news"? I think so.

In local elections, the N&R did point out that 8 of the 9 City Council members are now women and that there are "no white males" on the Council. I missed their outrage over a group (white males) not being represented on the City Council.

It is back to NOT reading the News & Record for me.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

This is for  my Leto High School  friends who attended Alexander Elementary with me. Halloween is the anniversary of my first concussion. At Alexander, we used to make paper hats in class and have a "Hat Parade" around the school for Halloween. In 1963, I was in Miss Waterhouse's class in the fifth grade.

When our class walked out of the room to join the parade, I was one of the last people out the door. As we started down the walkway, a class of sixth graders came out of their room behind us. There were several boys in the front of their group. A couple of boys in the group yelled something. I paid no attention, as "bullying" did not exist before millennials were born. Someone came up and pushed me into one of the steel poles that supported the roof over the walkway. How hard did they push me? There is still a small chip out of my skull beneath the scar. Anyway, with my head lacerated, I stumbled into the first open class room door. I remember seeing a female teacher, who apparently had never seen a boy with blood all over his face, and she started screaming.

When I awoke, I was on a couch in the school office with Mr. Raines, the principal, and my mother looking down at me. After a few minutes, she took me to the hospital where they stitched up my head and told her that I had a concussion. That's a tough way to get an extra three days off from school.

What's the moral of the story? The first is that the guy who I think pushed me died several years ago.
That took one shot off my "bucket list". The second is that I never did another Halloween parade.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 02, 2017

Thoughts on the NFL

1. I have spent my life in the restaurant business. We don't allow our employees to do something that will anger our customers. If you are doing something wrong, you get counseled and if it continues, you get terminated. The NFL tells their customers that they need to understand the employees. Raise your hand if you think that this will work.

2. NFL players work about seven months a year and minimum wage is more than $400,00 a year. Is this the social question?

3. Blacks account for less than 15% of the population in this country. They account for about 70% of the players in the NFL. Tell me again about social injustice.

4. Lots of people oppose the proposed merger of AT&T and Time-Warner on antitrust grounds. They fear a monopoly and are asking the federal government to prevent this merger. Please give me the names of the other professional football leagues in this country other than the NFL. Monopoly can be spelled with 3 letters, NFL.

5. The NFL keeps telling us that players have a right to express their opinions and to protest. I want to see a player carrying a Confederate battle flag on the sideline and see what the NFL does. You can bet your ass, they won't tell you he has a right to protest.

6. AT&T announced that "customers" can cancel their Direct TV NFL packages if they desire during this time. Why are doing this? They don't want to lose customers. The NFL doesn't understand that their fans are also customers. If you have a customer who buys a $100 ticket, pays $20 to park, and buys a $6 hot dog and chases that with an $8 beer, you better be working to keep him happy!!

7. More than 40 years ago, I worked for Quick Foods, at the time the largest Waffle House franchisee. Our VP was talking about customer service at a meeting one day. He told us, "You don't need a survey to find out if your customers are satisfied. They will vote with their feet. Their feet will take them to somewhere other than our doors." If only Mr. Criss were here to talk to the NFL owners.

8. I could annoy liberals and point out that the basis for the entire protest is without factual support. But, why argue with an idiot late on Sunday?

9. If the NFL ratings continue to drop at their current rate, by Week 12 the NFL will be paying PBS to broadcast their games!! There go the Sunday afternoon cooking shows on UNC-TV.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Still true, after all these years!!

P.T. Barnum is credited with saying "There's a sucker born every minute." That's an old saying that I have been known to use frequently. Sometimes, I wonder if that is still correct today. Let's face it, given the ease of access to information and the increased educational level of the American public, you would think that quote has lost some validity.

Fear not!! Just when things look the darkest for that quote, you realize that there really is still one born every minute. I just saw a news article about Hillary Clinton having a staff member deliver pizza to people camping out to wait for her book signing on Tuesday. Camping out in New York City for a Hillary Clinton book signing?? Are you serious??

Don't worry PT, it is still true. I can see now why you loved New York and did so well there!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Question Never Asked

Almost thirty years ago, in the throes of a near nervous breakdown, I went to a psychiatrist. One day, in the course of several thousand dollars worth of visits, we discussed Adult ADHD. After confirming my status as the King of Adult ADHD, we had a general discussion of the syndrome. The doctor told me that real ADHD,  not the bad behavior syndrome that is frequently  misdiagnosed as ADHD or ADD, is almost unheard of in Europe. I asked him why. He explained that most of the ADHD kind came to this country in the early days. P.T. Barnum said that Americans were more curious than other people because only the most curious would have braved the odds to come to this country. I agree with both Barnum and the shrink. The culture of those ADHD types who came to this country in the early days still permeates our culture today.

This has impacted the history of our country to a great degree. How, you might ask. Here's an insight into a process rarely discussed. It concerns the decision making process in our nation's history.

Americans, especially today, like to brag that we analyze situations thoroughly before making decisions. We try to consider all of the possibilities before acting. But in that process, there is a question never asked. The question is simple, "Then what?" Yes, that's it. Never asked, never answered.

Here's my first example. We decided that we would be better off without British rule. We formed the Continental Congress. We formed an army and a navy. We declared our independence so that we could form a new nation. We won the war. But no one had asked "Then What?" So we struggled with the Articles of Confederation for several years before the Constitution was written. We were sure that would clear the confusion. No one asked, "Then What?" So we have spent the last 228 years trying to understand what phrases like  "the right to bear arms" actually mean.

In 1812 we declared war on the British. No one asked "Then what?". We got our butts kicked and Washington was sacked by the British. Only a victory by Jackson after the war ended made the conflict historically palatable.

We made war on Mexico because no one asked "Then what?" They are all coming here today in some perverted kind of revenge.

In 1860, the idea of secession exploded without a discussion of "Then What?" Lincoln responded with an invasion of the Southern states without even a nod to "Then What?" Lincoln abrogated the Constitution, shut down newspapers, and threatened to arrest Supreme Court justices, all without any question of "Then What?"

In 1863, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves in certain areas. I am certain that "Then What?" never crossed Lincoln's mind. This resulted in the freedom of millions of enslaved people. It also resulted in 100 years of Jim Crow laws, the destruction of the economy in the southern states, extreme poverty conditions for both whites and blacks, and societal problems that still plague us today.

After the Civil War and Lincoln's death, the Radical Republicans took over "Reconstruction". They were unable to even spell "Then What?", much less ask the question. The result of this is a distrust of the federal government and a hatred for federal regulations that still runs rampant in the South today. The South is the only region of the country to have been under military occupation since we gained freedom from the British.

In World War 1, Wilson failed to ask the question. Congress had no interest in asking the question and we ended up being on the winning side of part one in what became a two part event. "What then?" There was a twenty year intermission while Germany rebuilt the theater and then restarted the show. Part 2 was guaranteed to happen based on a Treaty of Versailles after Part One that was reminiscent of the Radical Republicans work after the Civil War.

In World War 2 history, the United States did not commit one of history's biggest mistakes, Japan did. Japan decided that a surprise air attack on Pearl Harbor was a good idea. Obviously, "Then What?" does not translate into Japanese.

Following Pearl Harbor, we not only declared war on Japan, we added Germany and Italy. Missing in action was the question, "Then What?" The answer turned out to be a  Europe being divided into two parts for more than forty years.

We lost more than 50,000 Americans in Vietnam in our nation's second longest military conflict. "Then what?" Today, we buy cheap shoes and textiles made in Vietnam.

In the 1960's, Lyndon Johnson and the Federal Government declared a "War on Poverty". "Then what?" Trillions of dollars later, government social engineering has destroyed the family unit in the black community and endangered it in other communities. Plantations have been replaced by housing projects and working the fields has been replaced by voting a straight Democrat ticket. We pay people not to work and wonder why job openings go unfilled.

The "War on Drugs" has been almost as tragic as the poverty debacle. "Then What?" The Executive Branch and the Congress, with several assists from the Supreme Court have abrogated the Constitution. The money in your pocket, according to the courts, can now commit a crime. It's not a War on Drugs, it's a war on our constitutional rights. The nation can survive a drug crisis, we can't make it without The Constitution.

More than fifteen years ago, we went to war in Afghanistan. Did no one study the experience of the Soviet Union there? Let's go kill some terrorists! "Then what?" In Afghanistan, we are propping up a government that enables people to grow drugs that we will later have to deal with on our shores. Does any of this make sense?

In closing this rather lengthy rant, it is not just the government that fails to ask the question. Many private groups fail to ask "Then What?" Yesterday in Boston, 40,000 people marched in opposition to a Free Speech rally. Are you serious? Then What??