Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Jim Acosta: Asshole, Egomaniac, or both??

CNN has filed suit against the White House and several people who work there for taking Jim Acosta's White House pass. CNN and others in the media would have you believe that this is about Jim Acosta's First Amendment rights. Nothing could be any more absurd than that claim.

Does Acosta have the right to come into your home or business and demand that you answer questions?? Do we not have the right to decide whether we want to be interviewed??  I don't believe that a law exists that requires the President to answer a particular reporter's question. I also doubt that there is a law requiring that Jim Acosta be allowed in the White House. CNN is free to send another reporter.

Actually, Acosta's problems are a result of his behavior at the White House. I watched it live on television and was stunned by Trump's patience. If I were in Trump's position. I would have had the Secret Service drag Acosta's  belligerent ass out of the building. It's not like this is the first time that Acosta has caused a controversy at the White House.

This is the problem with people in the media and other "special" groups. They just don't want the same rights and privileges that the average person has, they want more privileges and better rights. As an example, these groups demand to be protected from "hate speech" while the rest of us just have to listen to it. By now, even the slow among you can sense that I don't believe in all of these "special" protections.

Jim Acosta needs to learn how to behave in public and at his job. I spent my life in the restaurant business. You can bet your ass that I never had a server go to a table and say, "I challenge you to order correctly!"  Acosta started a "question" to the President of the United States by saying, "I want to challenge you."

My wife and I have visited the White House a couple of times. Let me assure you that if the President were to come into the room with the tour, no one is going to shout, "I want to challenge you" and stay on the tour. They would find themselves outside with a couple (or more) Secret Service agents determining whether or not they are going to jail. Why should Acosta be held to a lower standard of conduct?? Jim Acosta is not entitled to any more rights than I am. If John Q. Public is compelled to behave properly at the White House, so is Jim Acosta.

CNN should fire Acosta for embarrassing them with his performance at the White House. Of course, that would require them to have some sense of shame. Here's a question for CNN. If CNN fires Acosta or any reporter, are they violating his First Amendment rights in regards to "Freedom of the Press"?

Maybe I will just contact CNN and demand a chance to interview Acosta for my blog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Voting Tip


MEMO to Kathy Manning for Congress

Good morning!!

I keep seeing your ads where you tell us that the health care system is broken. What you don't mention is that the party that you are representing is the party that passed "Obamacare". This is the same legislation that Nancy Pelosi was speaking of when she said, "We have to pass this bill so that we can see what's in it." Maybe they should have read it first.

You tell us that you will put country before party. Why then are you running as a Democrat, why not run as an independent? By the way, while your Democratic brethren are calling for an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, there have been no calls from Democrats to investigate Keith Ellison and claims of domestic abuse. If you really want to put country before party, call for an investigation into Ellison. I'm sure that any of the local stations would be thrilled to hear from you about this.

You are a lawyer, yet you complain about the high cost of medical care. How about a discussion of the costs of lawsuits facing those in the medical care business? No criticism of "Big Pharma" would be complete without a discussion of "Big Legal". I guess that it is just coincidence that trial lawyers as a group are one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party.

Your party passed the Affordable Care Act. Has there ever been a more deceptively named piece of legislation in history? Eight years later, you are telling me that the system is broken and we need to elect Democrats to fix it. Are you shitting me??  The ACA resulted in higher premiums for lesser coverage and you want us to let you try again?? I speak for many people that I know when I give this response for your request for us to elect you to fix health care again. Not just "NO", not just "NO WAY", but "NO F***ING WAY, BABY!!!"

Have a nice day!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Three more women and Kavanaugh

This just in!!!

CNN and the Washington Post have uncovered the identities of three women who all claim to have been traumatized by their encounters with Brett Kavanaugh when they were teenagers.

Apparently, all three worked as babysitters for the Kavanaugh family when Brett was a baby. One complained about the "smirk" on Kavanaugh's face when his diaper needed to be changed. The other two agreed that they were traumatized by the experience of having to hold "his bare, privileged, white male ass" when changing his diaper. All agreed that he was "on the bottle" when this happened.

When asked if they could positively identify Kavanaugh, they all responded in a similar fashion. "Have him crap in a diaper and then put him up on a table. I could pick him out of a lineup then."
Does that mean it DEPENDS???

Monday, September 17, 2018

Memo to Frank Fritz

Attention Frank Fritz:

I watch American Pickers regularly.  Allow me to conjugate the verb "see" for you.
I see
I saw
I have seen
I had seen
I will see
I will have seen
I would see
I would have seen

Note that this list does not include "I seen". However, that phrase  comes out of your mouth constantly. It is tough to enjoy your show while you are butchering the English language.

It is bad enough that you are a cheap ass. You should at least improve your grammar!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Why don't they tell the WHOLE story???

I have been watching way too much news this week because of Hurricane Florence. I  watched the Weather Channel until I was about to vomit and finally just turned it off.  Of course, none of the other stations are any better. And if I have to see another press conference featuring that lying, liberal, loser son of a bitch Roy Cooper, I will start shooting at the television set.

What has me in such an uproar? It's the news media!! These people are focused on everything that is going wrong. Hey!! How about throwing us a bone and give us a bit of positive news?? That asshole Roy Cooper just wants to create a land where we are all dependent on the government for everything. Hell, Roy doesn't even know which bathroom people should use.

Let me give you a perfect example. My son and his family live in New Bern, North Carolina. Based on news reports, one would surmise that New Bern after the hurricane is a blend of Venice, Atlantis, and Hiroshima. My son's wife and their seven year old daughter evacuated on Wednesday. My son chose to stay so that he could take care of their home after the storm without waiting for permission from the state to go to his own home. He rode out the storm. He looked at the situation and his location and made what he thought was the right decision.

My son's neighborhood in New Bern did not flood. He did lose power. The day care center that his wife runs in New Bern did not flood. The restaurant in downtown New Bern where my son works did not flood. How could this be?? From news reports, one would believe that that New Bern resembles a cranberry bog that has been flooded at harvest time. This is simply not the case.

Is there flooding in New Bern? YES!! Is it the end of the world for New Bern? Not just "NO", but "HELL  NO!"

Today in New Bern, my son is at work in the restaurant trying to get it ready to open tomorrow. Today in New Bern, some people are getting their power back on. Today in New Bern, people are cleaning up the damage.  This is the spirit and work ethic that made America the greatest country on earth. We don't need to wait on the king or the governor to let us do something.

The news media are purveyors of tainted goods. They fail to give us an accurate picture. They lie to us when it suits their need for higher ratings. In short, they are not our friends.

Let's all go to work to Make America Great Again!! Turn off the television! Shoot it if you must!! Finally, Mr. Cooper? My maternal grandfather had an expression that he used when extremely angry. The time is now to quote Walter Garris. He would say, "Roy, go bite a hog in the ass!!"

Saturday, August 25, 2018

6000 Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are about 6000 words !!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

R.I.P. Silent Sam

Last night a mob of several hundred "students" destroyed the statue of a Confederate soldier at the University in Chapel Hill. The campus police were on hand to watch the proceedings, but failed to make any serious efforts to prevent the destruction of the statue. I don't quite understand why they can surround and protect a set of goal posts at the football stadium, but failed to protect the historical statue.

Silent Sam has stood watch on the UNC campus for about 105 years. In that time, he has not lied, cheated, stolen, used drugs, committed any sexual assaults, or committed any other crimes. That separates him from the mob that took him down last night. They believe that Sam is a racist threat to their existence.  However, they are unable to cite any quotes from Sam.

This morning on the news they interviewed a freshman who started at UNC yesterday. She said that Sam had to come down because it was a symbol against being "inclusive". Funny how leftists want to include everyone but those who believe differently from them.

Today people want to impose their beliefs and standards of today on people who lived in the past. I don't think that process is fair or accurate. Lots of people believe that slavery was the cause of the Civil War. I readily acknowledge that slavery was a factor in the Civil War. Do I believe that it was it the primary cause? No. If it was a war with a single cause, then it was the first and only war with that condition. Suggested reading here is "New York, City of Sedition".  More on this thought at another time.

Here are a few questions to ponder.

I have never seen a picture of MLK tearing down a monument, have you??
Will Sam's demise improve student grades at UNC?
Will Sam's demise improve student safety and reduce crimes at UNC?
Can we round up the protesters and test them on their knowledge of the Civil War? In other words, can we see if they have any real knowledge about the subject??
Will this heal the damage done by the academic scandal with athletes and the African-American studies program?
Will this prevent any future athletic department scandals? Hint: Not a chance!
Do the students who wanted Sam to remain have any voice in this matter?
How does a mob decision  improve the student body knowledge and thought process?
Will this help end racism or merely show that the left is at least as racist as those they attack?
Can we tear down the Smith Center if the basketball team has a bad season?
Can people who disagree with Martin Luther King destroy a statue of him and expect to get praised in the media? Would they face any legal issues? After all, they are just doing what they believe is right.

Here's my closing question. What happens in a few years if the left continues to criticize U.S. history markers and decides that the Vietnam Memorial Wall is racist and offends Asians? They will claim that it makes it hard for Asians to be "included". They will question the reasons for the war and the "real" reason we fought there. Will we tear it down to pacify the leftists?

Thirty years ago, I sat in a restaurant I managed and talked with an attorney about the Confederate monument issue. He was quite the Civil War scholar. I remember his words well. "If you want to honor your heroes, you have to let others honor their heroes."  There's a message for all sides!!