Wednesday, May 24, 2017

President sends troops to Russia!!!

President sends troops to Russia!!

That's not today's headline, that was 99 years ago in 1918. One of the three reasons that President Woodrow Wilson, a DEMOCRAT, sent troops to Russia was to help the Russians organize a new government. The reasons are detailed in Wilson's "Aide-Memoire".

In August and September of 1918, about 13,000 United States troops arrived in Russia. They remained there until December of 1919. We lost 137 killed in action and 216 dead from accidents and... disease. They accomplished almost nothing of value. Wait, they did bring home about 80 Russian brides!!

Those Democrats and Republicans in Congress expressing their outrage that the Russian would try to interfere with our elections and our government should pick up a history book and realize that we did it first.

Remember, "those who do not learn from history are condemned to serve as our elected officials."

Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Democracy Dies in Darkness"???

In a column from the Washington Post, that was posted a few hours ago, comes this quote from New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu, "The thing that makes New Orleans really wonderful and beautiful that everybody experiences when you get here … is our diversity,” he said. “That’s the gift that New Orleans has given to the rest of the country, and these statues are an aberration.” This is unless you are a white Southern guy or think that we should stop trying to rewrite history.

Landrieu was quoted in a column about the removal of Confederate markers the other night and the Confederate statues soon to be removed. Statues to be removed are of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard, a Louisiana native.

Here's my personal opinion on this issue. If you want to celebrate your heroes, you need to let other people celebrate their heroes. If you want to celebrate MLK Day with a federal holiday, you should not be removing statues of Robert E. Lee. The reverse is also true. If you have a statue of Lee, you should not complain about MLK Day.

The irony in The Washington Post publishing this viewpoint about the removal of markers in the dark of night by masked men is clearly obvious. Below "The Washington Post" on the masthead appears their new motto, "Democracy Dies in Darkness". Think about it!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How about some real health care reform??

As the Republicans in Congress try to cram this half-assed "reform" to Obamacare down our throats, these thoughts.

First, they need to go back and study the 2016 election results. They and the President were elected by people who wanted Obamacare repealed. We didn't want adjustments, we didn't want it tweaked, we didn't want it fine tuned, we wanted it gone!!! If you don't fix it now, the next election will be a bloodbath in Congress.

Second, some members of Congress are claiming that the operating rules of Congress prevent the repeal of Obamacare. Here's the solution to that, change the rules. Those rules were set up because the Congress is in reality, a one team game. The majority of you are all the same. You pretend to be on opposite sides but you stick together to keep getting elected. A good example is the Senate filibuster rule. This rule has been used by both parties to prevent almost anything from taking place. All of this despite the fact that in 1892, the Supreme Court ruled that Senate rules can be changed by a simple majority vote.

Third, the reason for the complete failure of Obamacare is that a "health care" care bill was written by a Congress of lawyers. How about a little tort reform, boys?? All you have to know about high insurance costs is on TV every minute of the day. Call 1-800-bad drug, etc. Class What Americans need to realize is that not every surgery, procedure, drug, or treatment is going to work the same as we are all a little different. There is an assumption of risk if you want to live longer, get healthy, lose weight, or have huge breasts. Let's put some lawyers out of work and eliminate professional victims.

Fourth and most important, Congress has been asking the wrong question. They need to read Roger Van Oech's works They are getting the wrong answer because they are asking the wrong question. Congress is asking, "How can every one get health insurance?"  What they should be asking is, "Why is the cost of health care spiraling out of control?" Instead of worrying about the cost of insurance, they should be working to reduce the cost of medical care.  By the way, most states require auto insurance for all drivers. How's that working for keeping costs down?? I  will tell you how it is working, We are running  out of billboard space for ambulance chasers. In many places, a lawyer can get to the accident scene before the police.

Fifth and finally, Zig Ziglar always talked about the "wisdom of the ages". I will give you the Reader's Digest version, "there ain't no free lunch". Obama bragged about Obamacare by saying that it provided "free mammograms" and other "free" stuff. It ended the "pre-existing condition issue". It allows your children to stay on your policy until they are 26. But what he didn't understand, because he had never operated a business, was that the cost of all those things is in the premiums.

Why don't you guys in Congress actually look at health  care costs and answer the right questions??

Friday, February 03, 2017

Immigration Ban??

Buried at the bottom of a Yahoo story about the judge's ruling in the travel ban issue today was the truth about the whole issue.
"Washington-based businesses Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft support the state's efforts to stop the order. They say it's hurting their operations, too."

They need immigrants to come here and work for less than American citizens. Either that or there are not enough American citizens with the education level to do some jobs.

The failure of American education is the stuff of which legends are made. Public schools are run by administrators who cater to the teachers unions. If the schools try to discipline students, parents sue. Schools try to protect students with laws prohibiting violence. Unfortunately, criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. We schedule school years based on routines that date from a time when we had an agrarian economy. The list goes on. I will give you a break and not go into the NCAA, the fraud of big time college sports, the billions of dollars involved, and the insanity or the stupidity of the Federal government in education.

Betsy DeVos is being ripped by Senators in her confirmation hearings because she thinks the system is broken and needs to be changed. Many Senators are more concerned about appeasing the people who have destroyed the educational system rather than trying to improve it. Apparently, the Senate believes that votes are more important than whether the voters can read.

Why not institute a special tax on companies for hiring foreign workers?? That will probably clear up that demand for those H1-B visas.  Democrats will consider that discriminatory, but let's take that chance.

We need doctors and computer programmers. Colleges are cranking out lawyers, athletes, and women's studies grads. It reminds me of the early 1970's. Colleges were cranking out 50,000 marine biologists with a market for 500. It's great to learn. It's even better to learn something that you can use in life.

In closing, several years ago I had a conversation with the local school superintendent. I told him that I sent my children to a private school. He went into great detail about some of the "fabulous" programs they had in the local schools. When he finished, I told him that all businesses are judged by the quality of their product. I explained that I had several students who were current students and many who were graduates of his system. I finished by telling him, "The quality of your product is not good."

We need to stop bringing in hordes of immigrants while Americans go unemployed. Businesses that cannot deal with this need to be encouraged to move to other nations.
We need to change our educational system to produce graduates who have useful knowledge.
The system is broken. It is time to fix it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The RMOL 500

Twenty four score and nineteen posts ago, I brought forth upon this Internet, a new blog, conceived in sarcasm, and dedicated to the proposition that some people are just stupid.

We are now engaged in a great civil war, testing whether this blog, or any blog so conceived  and so dedicated, can long endure. If by now, you don't recognize this as a spoof of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, turn off the computer and go back to sleep.

We are engaged in a civil war in this nation. The liberals, having failed to elect Hillary Clinton, believe that they can demonstrate and riot their way to leadership. They are so out of touch with Middle America as to preclude belief. They continue to cite poll numbers as some sort of left wing Scripture. This despite the fact that the most discredited source of facts in the 2016 election were the polls. Liberals think that breaking windows and starting fires in the streets will bring the average citizens to heel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All they are doing now is pissing people off.

On the news last evening, Senator "Two Buck Chuck" Schumer, announced that the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and described it as a "Monday Night Massacre".  Here a few pointers for the arrogant and incredibly stupid Senator Schumer. First, a "massacre" almost always involves a death. It also indicates more than one death. Who died? If you are trying to connect it with the incident during the Watergate investigation, you are grasping at straws. Like everything else in the last couple of months, the liberals have exaggerated this out of proportion.

In the real world, and not in that fantasy land  that we call the government, here is how things work. The Attorney General heads up the Justice Department. The Justice Department is part of the Executive Branch. The head of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States. This is a similar structure to almost all businesses. The government should be no different. If as an employee, you release a letter to the press announcing that you will not do your job, you are going to get fired. That's just the way it works. Learn to love it!!

Let's be honest. Sally Yates is a leftover liberal from the Obama Administration. This is just another political ploy by liberals to damage the Trump Administration. In the end, Trump demonstrated that the US government is the biggest business in the world, and that he is going to run it like one.

If you don't believe that this is how business operates in the real world, tell your boss tomorrow that you refuse to do your job. Let me know how that works for you!!

I think that Trump was actually fairly patient with Sally Yates. It took him a few hours. I once had a manager who stood up during a staff meeting and disagreed with something I had said. I fired his ass on the spot. Memo to morons: Don't try to embarrass your boss!

In regards to the title of this post, this is my 500th post on this blog. I think that this has taken more than  eleven years. The term "prolific writer" would not be linked with my name.  The title has nothing to do with NASCAR. Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Memo to Ashley Judd

Memo to Ashley Judd:

Hey Honey!  I saw your performance in Washington yesterday on the news. In a march that was alleged to be about women's rights, you included an attack on the Confederate flag and a reference to "white privilege". How exactly do these issues relate to the Trump Administration or women's rights?

In short, you followed the leftist line straight down the list. You remind me of a girl who used to work for me years ago. I looked out in the parking lot one day and saw that she had a "Hate Sucks" bumper sticker on her. I queried her about the sticker. "Pardon me, but isn't it hateful to tell others that they suck?"  She responded, "I hate haters." I tried again, "So doesn't that make you a hater, a part of something you say that you hate?" She replied, "Of course not, it's okay to hate haters." Unwilling to spend the day in a circular conversation, I changed the subject. That was just another tribute to the insanity of liberalism and the failure of public education.

Before your next "Women's Rights" performance, please read these notes I made after watching your recent performance.

1. Sorry that you aren't a big celebrity. I had to Google your name to find out who you are. I am decidedly unimpressed. Maybe this is part of your senseless anger? I will point out that for a minor celebrity, you seem to have done pretty well financially in this country.
2. Now that you have finished attacking Trump and almost all other Americans, based on your own family history, I suggest that you employ a mental health professional. It appears that you have some serious family issues.
3. If this doesn't work, pack your stuff and find a country that you can love!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Circus is leaving town and not coming back!!

Ringling Brothers announced that this is their final season and they are shutting down after more than 140 years.

While the circus has lost a lot of appeal to new audiences, the final straw was the removal of the elephants last year. This caused a dramatic drop in attendance. Somewhere, Phineas Taylor Barnum is rolling over in his grave. He started the elephant thing with Jumbo. Of course, Jumbo also lost to technology when he was hit by a train.

Despite winning a lawsuit against the Humane Society and other animal rights activists, the circus could not survive the endless attacks by animal lovers and their friends in government who tried to regulate the circus out of business.

Our society has advanced so much that children are no longer entertained by watching wild animals who have been trained to do tricks. Our children are so accustomed to "virtual reality" and video games that actual reality cannot compete.

Or have we advanced? Now we spend billions of dollars a year to watch humans who have been trained to do tricks. We watch humans try to throw a baseball past a guy trying to hit it with a stick. We watch men skating on ice trying to hit a puck into a net. Of course, that's when they aren't fighting each other. In basketball, a man 7 feet tall is applauded for cramming a basketball through a net that is only 3 feet above his head. WOW!!  In football, we scream when someone kicks a ball between 2 posts. There is thunderous applause when a man takes the football and runs five yards as others try to stop him. In golf, they walk hundreds of yards trying to hit a small ball into a small hole in the ground. That's a waste of acres of good pasture land.

While the Humane Society and the ASPCA raise and spend millions of dollars to end cock fighting and dog fighting, maybe we need a HUMAN Society in this land. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent  every year watching events like boxing, MMA, UFC and other similar events. Crowds attend these live events while others watch on Pay Per View. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to watch men and now, women beat each other until one can no longer compete. WOW!! We can't bear to watch an elephant stand on its back legs, but watching two guys punch each other until one is unconscious is entertainment??

Maybe we have not advanced?? This is just a modern version of the old gladiators in Rome.