Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morons and Madness

I stopped last night at Target to pick up a prescription. I told the young lady that I wanted to pick up a prescription for Gilbert Jones. She searched the rack for a couple of minutes and turned back to me, "What is your name, again?" I repeated, "Gilbert Jones." A couple of more minutes of searching and she turned back to me and asked, "What is your first name?" Stunned that anyone that stupid had not worked for me at some point, I replied, "Gilbert, my first name is Gilbert. The last name is Jones, shall I spell it for you?" If it had been a blood pressure medication, I would have swallowed the bottle.
Memo to my wife: You pick it up next time.

Best line of the week and it came from a liberal Jewish Democrat who is a regular customer at T&S. "Obama should have picked Hillary for VP. That way he would not have to worry about assassination attempts. Who would want her to move up?"

The Boston Herald ran a story about Sarah Palin's hairstyle. It described her style as passe and twenty years out of date. I am reluctant to accuse anyone of sexism BUT, I can't find a Herald story about Joe Biden's head being sodded with hair plugs. Where would I find that story?

The new television season is starting and PBS is running their Festival fund-raising programming. Guess that I will have plenty of time to blog.

Oprah doesn't want to interview Sarah Palin until after the campaign. The only political candidates that she interviews before the election are liberal black Senators running for President.

A study shows that Obama has a more liberal voting record than Bernie Sanders. Sanders is the only admitted Socialist in the Senate.

Alaska- Where the air is cold and the governor's hot!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Thoughts on politics

Rudy Giuliani speaking at the Republican Convention pointed out about the many times that Obama has chsnged his position on issues. He ended with this zinger, "I hope for his sake, Joe Biden got that VP thing in writing."

Mike Huckabee did a great job in his speech, even though I'm not a big Huckabee fan. He explained that he wasn't a Republican because he was rich, he became a Republican because he was poor and didn't want to wait for the government to rescue him. His speech is worth going to the GOP convention website to watch.

The famed feminist Gloria Steinem has attacked Gov. Palin because she doesn't share the same liberal opinions that Gloria claims the majority of women hold. This reminds me of the Clarence Thomas nomination when he was attacked because he was a conservative black man. The Democrats keep telling us that they want to get more women and blacks involved in the political process. What they aren't telling us is that that only LIBERAL blacks and women need apply.

The Republicans have nominated a woman for the second highest office in the land and Democrats don't know whether to shit or go blind. I was surfing the Internet yesterday and found this comment from someone about the Democrats. "They had the chance to nominate a woman who had 18 million votes for President in the primaries and they didn't do it. They need to shut the f**k up!" I don't believe that I can top that one.

Joe Biden has announced that they will prosecute people in the Bush administration if they find any crimes have been committed. No details from Joe on any perjury committed in other past administrations.

Obama, agent for change, picked a professional U.S. Senator for his running mate. Biden has been a senator for 36 years, has he ever had a job? Frankly, I don't trust any guy who had hair plugs to cover his baldness. If you do that, you will lie about anything else as well.

Last week, the Democrats took John Edwards off the program because of his affair issues, but Bill Clinton spoke to the convention. Hello!! Is anybody home at the Democratic Party? Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, etc.??? Any of these names ring a bell, guys??

New Orleans, the city by the sewer, dodged a bullet this week when Gustav skirted it. Rather than squander another penny of tax money to protect the city, let's shift gears. How about buying out the property that is below sea level and letting those folks move elsewhere? The old part of the city, the French Quarter, will remain since it is above sea level. Blow the levees and end the folly of trying to reroute the Mississippi River. We can put oil drilling platforms in the abandoned parts of the city and generate some cash for a change. Hey! This is change, let's get Obama on board for it.

Seen on a sign at the Republican convention:
Our mama is better than your Obama!