Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nietzsche may have been right!

From the News and Record in Greensboro comes the news that two men killed in a shooting at Jab's Ultra Bar early Sunday morning have been identified.

They are Shuntae Lamont Watson and (I'm not making this up) Born God Supreme Thompson. What moron names their kid "Born God Supreme Thompson"? I guess that Bill or Fred had already been used in their family.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

UPDATE! Dear Sears, You suck.

If you read my earlier post "Dear Sears...", I tried to buy a cordless screwdriver at Sears on Monday. I have checked everyday since waiting for them to have one in stock. Thursday evening, I walked over to Sears for my daily check of their inventory. The salesman asked what I was looking for so I gave him the item number. PAYDIRT! They had finally arrived. I took one and gave him my rain check and waited for him to ring it up. After entering the transaction, the salesman explained that he needed managerial approval on the rain check. He paged a manager. After a few minutes, he called the manager on his phone. Waited a few more minutes while a couple of other customers were helped and then he called the manager again. At about the nine minute mark, I told him that I would give it about one more minute before I would leave. A few seconds later, a manager walked up. He stood at the register, looked at my rain check, and said "I can't approve this. It is out of date." As the veins in my head swelled to their breaking point I glared over my glasses at the idiot. The salesman dropped his head and moved to the side. Then the idiot said, "I'm only joking." My response was brief, "The time to joke was ten damn minutes ago. I've been waiting for you to drag your ass over here. It's not funny!"

I am just sending Sears a link to this. Why waste my breath calling?

Saturday Satire

This from the Lovely Loretta, a regular customer at the restaurant. "We used to have to pick between leaded and unleaded at the gas station. Now you pick between leaded and unleaded at Toys r Us."

Today is World Aids Day. I am fascinated by the approach to AIDS. People who contract cancer through smoking are criticized for their behavior and are lectured about the evils of smoking. People who contract AIDS through drug use or homosexual sex are pitied because they have been stricken by this disease. Why aren't they told to change their behavior? Nooooo, they would be too judgemental, that would be denying them their right to deviancy.

As long as I mentioned smokers, why do people smoke in their cars, but keep the cigarette hanging outside the car when they aren't puffing on it? Does this mean it's OK to put smoke in your lungs, but you don't want it on your car windows?

Joe Biden, the famed plagiarist and minor Presidential candidate, has said that he will move to impeach George Bush if he bombs Iran without Congressional approval. Thanks, Joe. I already like the sound of "President Cheney". Cheney might consider bombing Congress without Iranian approval.

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.

This week's Republican Presidential Candidate debate featured an appearance by an openly gay Hillary Clinton plant asking a question. So other than the guys on the stage, it was just like any Democratic event.

No word on whether the man holding a hostage at a Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire was also a plant. I will turn that one over to the conspiracy theorists.

There was a "news" item about Washington, DC and the rising AIDS rate in that city. Given the fact the federal government is based there, I can't believe that is "news". What next, a story about the high crime rate in DC?