Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nitwits, Nascar, and The Breck Girl

NASCAR tried to hold a race at Indianapolis Sunday but couldn't get the tires to cooperate. It's a long day when you are trying to run 400 miles but the tires will only last 20 miles. The finger pointing started about lap 15 and hasn't ended yet. I'm not a big NASCAR fan but a few thoughts on the matter:
1. Do you guys ever really test this stuff?
2. NASCAR should have called the race instead of changing tires every 10 minutes. They would have received better press by refunding every one's money than by staging a tire changing contest and calling it a race.
3. This is what NASCAR gets for going racing in Yankee land. This Sunday, they will be at Pocono. The last time that there were that many Southerners in Pennsylvania, they were at Gettysburg. Didn't turn out any better there.

Stock car racing hasn't been the same since they stopped running anything that looked like a real car. The only similarity between a real Chevy Impala and Jeff Gordon's racecar is the Chevy logo.

How about finding a driver with a personality? These guys all fall from the same mold. They climb out of the car, put a ball cap on, hold the drink they are endorsing, and babble some crap like "The Random Moments of Lunacy Chevrolet really ran strong out there today."

The National Enquirer is after the Breck Girl. Apparently John Edwards turned up at a hotel in Beverly Hills to visit his mistress and their "love child". I don't believe that John would do that. I still think that he's gay but I may be wrong. However, his alleged mistress does bear a striking resemblance to Prince Charles' wife Camilla. Maybe it was a striking resemblance to Mr. Ed.

In Greensboro, the Guilford County School Board has chosen a new superintendent. Torn between a woman who is the superintendent of the Scotland County system and a lawyer who is an administrator for the Charlotte system, they went with the lawyer. Only a school board could rationalize hiring a guy without any training in education to run a school system. I guess that they are going with the "Things can't get any worse" scenario.

From the e-mail files:
“Barack Obama wrote a prayer to God which he placed in Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall last week. The prayer note was retrieved by a seminary student and published in an Israeli newspaper. Everybody in Israel wanted to know if it was addressed, ‘Dear Dad’.”

Good News for McCain!! The famed rapper and racist Ludicrus has released a new (pick one of the following: rap, song, poem, rant, tirade, ode, groan, moan) endorsing the Messiah and attacking Hillary Clinton. Maybe she gave up too soon. Ludicrus, who would be bussing tables if there were not throngs of morons paying to hear his swill, is apparently unaware that Hillary is out of the race.

There is no truth to the allegation that John McCain has challenged Obama to do the "loaves and fishes" thing on live television.

Obama drew a huge crowd in Germany. Mr. Obama, with his background in Chicago politics, thinks that those folks can vote for him in November.

In another sign that the Demoncrats have written off the South, they have told caterers not to serve fried foods at their convention in Denver.

In the Chinese manufacturer can come through in time, I will be in Denver for the Demoncrat Convention. I will be selling the limited edition, Jesse Jackson endorsed,"nut cutting" knife. It slices, it dices, ................

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Reverend Jesse Jackson???

It must be near an election, Jesse Jackson has his foot deep in his mouth, again. The racist Reverend Jackson made some off-air remarks into a live microphone on Sunday. He said that Barack has been talking down to black people and "I'd like to cut his nuts out." Nothing more inspirational than the words of the clergy on Sunday morning. Note that Jackson, not knowing that the mike was live, used the term "black people" and not "African-Americans".

If Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus or even Karl Rove had said this, it would be the lead story on every news show and would be on the front page of every newspaper. It's not! I guess that there is a double standard, it's just not the double standard that liberals describe.

Is Jesse the black Don Imus? Or is Imus the white Jesse Jackson?? I'll probably have to apologize to Imus for that one.

It's time for Jesse to give up the "Reverend" and retire. Time to find himself a street corner where he can beg for money and shake businesses down. That's all that he has ever done anyway.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Just rambling

The city of Winston-Salem is considering a law that will prohibit residents from parking their cars on their own front lawns. Evidently, the concept of "private property" has not made it to Winston-Salem yet.

A friend of mine who claims to be a Democrat, tells me that Obama has the slimmest resume of any candidate since Jimmy Carter. The danger in a democracy is that dumbasses can vote.

The Democrats are referring to McCain as "Bush Lite". Does this mean that Republicans can refer to Obama as "Carter Dark" ?

Ralph Nader is attacking Obama for claiming to be black, when he is in fact only half black. Of course, Ralph uses the phrase "African-American." It's a great day when a liberal like Nader is attacking Obomber.

My older son left last Saturday to travel to Maine and hike the Appalachian Trail south to Georgia. His best friend and fellow hiker injured his knee at one of the first creeks that they crossed. They came back home Thursday. I'll write more about their day on the trail when my blood pressure drops.

I replaced the clutch in my wife's Chevrolet Cavalier last week. The folks who built this car didn't want anyone to repair their own car. There is not a lot of room to work under the hood. In my generation, very small measurements are expressed in "cunt hairs." Example: "Move it a cunt hair to the right." There wasn't a cunt hair's worth of clearance around the transaxle of that Cavalier!

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment actually exists. More on this when Nancy Pelosi is taken off the suicide watch.

In the news the other day, there was a story about watermelon and Viagra having many of the same ingredients. Even for me, some things are best left unsaid.

I spent my "stimulus check" paying the IRS. I just don't feel stimulated.

The Democrats in the Virginia Senate are considering a 33% increase in the state gasoline tax. Tar and feathers, anyone? Can any group really be this stupid and out of touch? Yes, they are Democrats.