Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Case of B.O.

Yes, it is exactly what you think. America has a bad case of Barack Obama.

El Presidente appeared a few days ago at Georgetown University. Before his appearance, the White House staff requested that Georgetown cover all symbols of religion that might be visible on the TV cameras. They claimed that they wanted a simple background of drapes and U.S. flags for the appearance of B.O. If this is true, why go to Georgetown University? Why not just stay at the White House? Why not just go to any federal office building? Did they go to Georgetown so that B.O. could shoot a few hoops with their basketball team?

On a recent trip, B.O. bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. While the White House tried to claim that it was not a bow, but some other misinterpreted motion, one of B.O.'s chief apologists, the famed racist columnist Leonard Pitts went even further. Leonard wasted valuable print space claiming that George Bush had done worse things. As far as I can tell, Bush was not at the meeting of the King and B.O., so what the hell is Leonard talking about now? To be honest, I ask that question after reading any Leonard Pitts column.

Recently, B.O. and his lackeys decided that General Motors needed to change their CEO in order to keep getting government assistance. Evidently B.O. thought that GM wasn't making sufficient progress towards success. Now if B.O. will apply that same standard to government, we can talk. The Great Teleprompter Reader needs to look no further than the House and Senate to see organizations that need new leadership and some new blood in the group. When will Pelosi and Reid be looking for work? The elections of 2010 can't get here soon enough.

On a recent trip to England, The Great Egomaniac gifted the Queen with an Ipod filled with his speeches. I am guessing that with socialized medicine, sleeping pills are hard for the Queen to find. An Ipod filled with Obama speeches, that's just audio Sominex.

On Monday, the United States boycotted the international conference on racism held in Geneva, Switzerland. "Change that we can believe in" or do any of this administration's actions make sense??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank you, President Obama

There are four words that I never thought that I would write, but I have been wrong before. Why these words?

Two weeks ago, I made my annual trek to the Charlotte Auto Fair at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord. I took my usual assortment of auto parts, tools, military surplus items, and other junque. I filled my M101A1 trailer with an assortment of ammo cans. There were about 160 cans in the trailer. Over a three day period, I sold a bunch of ammo cans to many people who expressed fears that Obama and his Democratic sidekicks in the Congress will try to limit the right to purchase ammunition. I came home with only three of the ammo cans unsold. Thank you, President Obama.

The economy is so "bad" that I had the best show that I have ever had in Charlotte. Thank you, President Obama.

In other Obama-related news, the President and his family have received a dog as a gift from Ted Kennedy. Reports that the dog was a Saint Bernard with a five gallon barrel of whiskey under his neck proved to be erroneous. In an obvious tribute to the Mulatto Moses, Kennedy gifted him with a black and white dog. The dog is a Portuguese water dog. Any comments about the irony of a man who let Mary Jo Kopechne drown gifting someone with a "water dog" will be saved for a future post.

How about those Somalian pirates killed by Navy Seal snipers the other day?
Those boys needed to go back to negotiating school! If you are in a lifeboat being towed by a guided missile destroyer, your position is more than a little weak. They were about 30 yards behind the ship. That's like "drafting" in NASCAR racing. They didn't need SEALS to take out those guys. At 30 yards, almost any redneck buying ammo cans from me could have taken them.