Friday, June 16, 2017

Things I hate about being a Conservative

There are times that I hate being a Conservative. Good news!! I have learned to deal with it.

The most common side effect of people finding out that you are a conservative is that they ask you, "Do you watch Fox News?" Let me set the record straight on this. I find that I despise Fox at about the same rate that I despise other "news" networks, excepting MSNBC.  I think that TASS has a higher standard for honest, integrity, and balance than MSNBC.  WAIT! As long as I am taking cheap shots, CNN rivals the Cartoon Network in their news reporting skills. So, the answer is that I don't watch Fox news.

The most comment used to be, "So you listen to Rush?" Once again the answer is "negative". I listened to Limbaugh sometimes in the 1990's for a year or so. Listening to Limbaugh is kind of like fishing, I caught my limit early. Limbaugh is an entertainer. He tells you what you want to hear because that's how he makes his living. I tell you what I think because that's what I believe. I don't give a rat's behind if you agree or not. There's no money in it for me. Limbaugh  is such an arrogant, pompous, egotistical blowhard that he makes me look quiet and meek. Thanks, Rush.  Last, but certainly not least, his drug abuse issues bothered me.   In short, "Do I listen to Rush?" I have never listened to the band, wish I had never listened to Limbaugh.

"What do you read?" I haven't read the National Review since Bill Buckley died. The New York Times and The USA Today are not fit to use as house training paper for puppies, much less reading material. The Mr. Wall Street Journal has an occasional flash of brilliance,  but costs way too much. Incredibly enough, the other day someone asked if I read the "Weakly Standard". I had to Google it to find out that it is still being published. How bad is the Standard? I would rather be seen reading the National Enquirer in line at the Wal-Mart than be seen reading the "Weakly Standard". I used to read a few issues a year of the American Spectator, but I didn't like it enough to subscribe. I would pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble sometimes, but I don't get to B&N much anymore.

That wraps it up. If you are a conservative and get these same questions, don't feel alone or special!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dear Senator Burr

I dispatched this e-mail to Senator Richard Burr this morning.

Senator Burr,
I have voted for you in every general election in which you have been a candidate. I also voted for Donald Trump in 2016.
I watched the Senate hearings with Jeff Sessions yesterday ands I am appalled.
First, the same Democrats who were calling for Comey's head in October are now acting like he was the last virgin out of Pompeii. They lost the election, tell them to get over it. Second, people are saying that Comey's performance as head of the FBI did not merit termination because Comey said that he was doing a good job. I have fired hundreds of people and have never had a single one say, "You're right, my performance sucked."  Your performance as a leader is evaluated by others, not by yourself.  Evidently, Senators don't grasp that concept?? Lastly, Comey's "testimony" was that of a disgruntled former employee. We did find out that he leaked information, that the former Attorney General told him to lie to the world about the investigation of Hillary Clinton, and that he doesn't like Donald Trump. There's some breathtaking info!!
Second, Everyone acts like it is a crime to speak to a Russian. Who really cares if Jeff Sessions spoke to a Russian in a reception line at the Mayflower Hotel? Do you remember every person that you meet? If you do, then surely you remember meeting me in your office.
Third, politicians all keep telling us that they are absolutely certain that Russia meddled in our election. Given the history of the United States in foreign governments, we should be reluctant to bring this up. In 1918, Woodrow Wilson sent thousands of American troops to Russia to try and affect the outcome of the civil war there. It didn't work. CIA involvement in foreign governments is the stuff of legends. In 1953, we brought the Shah back to Iran to replace the elected leader. How did that work out for us? How about the governments of South Vietnam and South Korea? How about the invasion of Panama to remove Noriega? The US government is a long time meddler in other governments and is now attacking the Russians for doing the same thing. Does this make sense to you?
Fourth, "intelligence" is not always accurate. Does "weapons of mass destruction" ring a bell? Or was it just another excuse to change a foreign government? World class meddling in that case. In my ninth grade journalism class more than fifty years ago we learned that every good news story answers these questions. What? When? Where? Who? Why? How?  Yet, politicians and the media keep bombarding us with the news that Russia meddled in the election. The truth is not in the volume of sound of the claim, it is not the repetition of the claim, it is not in how many believe the claim. The truth is in the facts. Don't waste your breath telling me that this is secret. Here's a message for the media and government officials, give us the facts or shut the hell up!!
Last, but certainly not least, in November Americans voted for a change. We wanted new ideas, but most of all we wanted action. We want a healthcare bill that addresses the cost of medical care not the cost of insurance. If you address the cost of medical care including tort reform, the insurance cost thing will be taken care of anyway. We want a budget where we live within our means. We want our borders secured. We want a sensible tax code. But instead, we are witnessing a national temper tantrum by the side that lost the election. The Congress is paralyzed while they search for such "critical" data as who Jeff Sessions spoke to in a reception line.
It is time for Republican leaders to lead. If not, there are more changes coming in future elections.
Thank You,
Gilbert Jones

Friday, June 09, 2017

Sweetless in Seattle?

From the People's Republic of Seattle comes word that the City Council has passed a tax on sweetened beverages. The tax of $.0175 per ounce will add 21 cents to the cost of a 12 ounce canned soft drink.
The goal of the tax is to raise $15 million a year for a city food stamps program to help poor people buy fruits and vegetables.
As a capitalist, I want to thank the city of Seattle for creating some business opportunities. The black market in soft drinks will grow at an explosive rate. Look for a circle of beverage centers positioned on every major street just outside the city limits. People will be smuggling drinks into the "Emerald City". It will cost Seattle more than $15 million a year to enforce and collect this tax.
Hey Seattle!! If someone buys a cup of coffee and then puts sugar into it, do they owe the tax??
As usual, government "leaders" have demonstrated that they know absolutely nothing about the world of business. In the restaurant industry, the sale of drinks and the higher profit margin on them, enables the restaurant to price the food lower and still make a profit. When sales of "sweetened" drinks drop in restaurants and they will, the cost of food items will increase. Within 6 months, you will have to pay for a cup of water in a Seattle restaurant.
Write this down!!
Jones' Law of Government says "No aspect of your life is so small that the government does not want to control it."