Friday, June 23, 2006

Assholes from the SCV

I used to belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I left about three and a half years ago. I left because I was interested in history and they are trying to turn an historical organization into a political one. For more on this subject, you can go to

I have tried to put all of that behind me, but some days it just doesn't work. A few minutes ago, I got an email notification of an anonymous comment on this blog. Just for the record, I delete ALL anonymous comments when posted. This was from someone in the Rutherford College area in North Carolina. The content told me that it was written by an SCV member. A few minutes later another arrived from the Mt. Airy, North Carolina area. Same thoughtful kind of comments from schmuck number 2. These are guys who claim to be "Southern Gentlemen". What a crock of crap that is!! Disagree with these assholes and they use their room temperature IQs to to harrass you. I guess with the higher temperatures this week, one or two were able to get on the computer.

Hey guys!! Here's a better idea!! Start a twelve step program so that you can give up being sociopaths, pyschos, lunatics, and assholes. End your addiction to the battle flag. There's always a chance that you could turn into productive human beings. It's a long shot, but there's always hope. I can see it now. One of you could start the meeting by standing up and saying, "My name is Jim, I'm an asshole. I'm wearing battle flag boxer shorts. I need help!"

I feel better just knowing that more than three years after I left, these guys care enough about what I think to search for this blog. They are looking for something they can't find in the SCV, original thoughts. They need to get out of that "group think" mentality. Or would that be "group doesn't think" mentality? Thanks for reading, boys!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Get the Friggin weatherman off the TV!!!!!

Sunday, 5:45 PM
In a moment of insanity I attempted to watch the NASCAR race when I got home from work. After about five minutes of the race, the TV was suddenly filled with Doppler images of a thunderstorm. Then for the next half hour the Weather idiot and his accomplice, the male bimbo weekend anchor, told us what to do when a tornado hits us. The fact that there had not been a tornado actually sighted did not deter this pair of Chicken Littles. Over and over, they repeated the same drivel. The weather idiot kept pointing to his Doppler radar screen and telling us that rotational winds were TRYING to form in the area. After about twenty minutes of this crap, the male bimbo finally owned up to something. "We are being flooded with calls about the race. We have the race on in the corner of the screen." Hey, I know that! Unfortunately, there was no audio and the picture was less than 25% of the screen. The rest of the screen was being filled with bimbo anchors, weather idiots, and Doppler screens.

The complete idiocy of this whole situation was in the advice they kept giving about what to do in case of a tornado. "Get under a heavy table", "Pull a couch over you", "Get into an interior room or a closet". My personal favorite was " If you are outside and cannot get to shelter, get into a ditch." If I am outside and can't get to shelter, what are the chances that I am watching these dumbasses on TV? I 'll just get my weather info from my weather rock. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Illegal Immigration Explained- Class 101

Illegal immigrants seem to be a hot topic lately so I thought that I would throw in my thoughts. Someone at work asked me what illegal immigration was all about. So I explained it at their level.

Here's the story. One night you go to bed without locking your back door. When you get up in the morning, there is a family of five living in your garage. The good news is that they are willing to clean your house and take care of your yard for a lot less than you are paying someone to do it now. The bad news is that you have to give them groceries, medical care, and carry extra auto insurance in case they hit your car. Oh yeah, you have to learn their language and you can't take any taxes out of their paycheck.

I don't have a problem with immigrants coming to this country BUT, there are a few catches. Since immigrants from Mexico are getting all of the attention now, let's address this area.

1. If you are going to take advantage of the system, pay into the system. This means not claiming six dependents if you are single just so there won't be any taxes taken out of your pay. Don't bother telling me this doesn't happen. I see it all the time.
2. Learn the language. You are coming to MY home, this doesn't require me to learn YOUR language. A friend of mine, excuse me, my only friend, tells me that I am the only restaurant manager in the country who doesn't speak any Spanish and isn't even interested in learning. He's right. Many Hispanic immigrants understand much more English than they admit. As immigrants from around the world have done forever, they use the language thing to their advantage. One day at work, I told a dishwasher to clean the walk-in cooler. He stood talking to a friend of his who was a cook for several minutes without starting the cleaning. I went by two more times and told him to get started on it. When I told him the third time to get started on it, he told me that he didn't understand my English. I cleared up this misunderstanding by grabbing his time card from the rack and telling him "I will just clock your ass out M***** F***** and you can come back when you speak English!" We were able to instantly bridge the language barrier as he threw himself between me and the timeclock. That was the last time he played the language card.
3. Check a map!! North Carolina isn't Mexico, lose the Mexican flags.
4. Obey the law! Get a drivers license the way I did, at the DMV. Don't use the counterfeiter on the corner. Auto insurance, get it!! I shouldn't have to pay more for insurance so that you can do without. We have enough drug dealers here, we don't need to import any.

Any questions??

Welcome to America!!