Friday, June 23, 2006

Assholes from the SCV

I used to belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I left about three and a half years ago. I left because I was interested in history and they are trying to turn an historical organization into a political one. For more on this subject, you can go to

I have tried to put all of that behind me, but some days it just doesn't work. A few minutes ago, I got an email notification of an anonymous comment on this blog. Just for the record, I delete ALL anonymous comments when posted. This was from someone in the Rutherford College area in North Carolina. The content told me that it was written by an SCV member. A few minutes later another arrived from the Mt. Airy, North Carolina area. Same thoughtful kind of comments from schmuck number 2. These are guys who claim to be "Southern Gentlemen". What a crock of crap that is!! Disagree with these assholes and they use their room temperature IQs to to harrass you. I guess with the higher temperatures this week, one or two were able to get on the computer.

Hey guys!! Here's a better idea!! Start a twelve step program so that you can give up being sociopaths, pyschos, lunatics, and assholes. End your addiction to the battle flag. There's always a chance that you could turn into productive human beings. It's a long shot, but there's always hope. I can see it now. One of you could start the meeting by standing up and saying, "My name is Jim, I'm an asshole. I'm wearing battle flag boxer shorts. I need help!"

I feel better just knowing that more than three years after I left, these guys care enough about what I think to search for this blog. They are looking for something they can't find in the SCV, original thoughts. They need to get out of that "group think" mentality. Or would that be "group doesn't think" mentality? Thanks for reading, boys!!


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