Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dress for success??????

I am rarely out at 8:00 AM, I am either at work or at home. This morning I had a few errands to run in Greensboro, so I was out on the road between 8 and 9. As I drove through Greensboro, I passed several groups of high school students waiting for the bus. What an eye opening experience!

I dress better to paint the house or mow the grass than these kids do to go to school. I guess all those guys are wearing those t-shirts that go to their knees to cover up their pants hanging down below their butts. If you have to stoop to put your hands in your pants pockets, they are hanging way too low. I asked an employee one day why he and his friends let their pants sag. His response " 'cause that's how convicts wear them." So now we have a generation with criminals as their role models. Anyone care to speculate on the future of society?

But the boys were well dressed compared to the girls. It was a little cold this morning, yet many of the girls looked like they were going to the beach or a tanning bed (more on the insanity of cooking yourself another day). It is no wonder that young men can't concentrate at school or that teenage pregnancy rates are so high. I couldn't believe that parents let girls leave the house dressed like these girls. When I was in high school, if you wanted to see a girl dressed like that, it involved a fake ID, a $5 cover charge, and a 2 drink minimum. Girls pants are cut so low that they are walking ads for laser hair removal. Most of them wear their pants so tight that you can read their lips. Sixteen year old girls walking around with their asses out of their pants and their breasts pushed up out of their shirts is a recipe for trouble.

Dudley High School in Greensboro decided to go to uniforms next year. The liberals in the school administration can't bring themselves to say uniforms, so they call it Standard Mode of Dress or something similar. It is time to bring back dress codes at schools. If you have teenagers and think that I am crazy, it's OK. Ask yourself if you could go to work dressed like your child is going to school.


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