Sunday, February 19, 2006

On the road to Norfolk

Friday I rode to Norfolk to pick up a load of surplus that I had purchased. It was a quiet ride there by myself and even quieter riding home with 300 pounds of white shirts and pants. As I cruised Highway 58 at 4:00 AM, my mind wandered even a little more than usual. So just a few random thoughts from my trip.

1. My brother-in-law said it best: " I would rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than driving with Ted Kennedy."
2. I saw "Hilla the Hun" Clinton complaining about the White House not going public with details of Cheney's hunting accident immediately. I have tried several search engines but still can't find those "immediate" public announcements about her husband getting blown by an intern in the Oval Office. Hillary, if you read this, could you direct me to those announcements?
3. Do I buy one of those Mohammed cartoon t-shirts and risk offending Muslims or do I just risk offending Muslims with my everyday comments?
4. Do those Muslims in the Middle East and nearby areas ever work or do they burn and protest full time? I guess this answers question #3.
5. Porky's BBQ in Southampton, Virginia puts their BBQ sandwiches on potato rolls. BBQ was a B but presentation (Rolls) brought it up to an A-.

Mercifully, that's all for tonight.


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