Thursday, February 16, 2006

NASCAR and Diversity- Liberals gone wild!!

Last week the local news was filled with stories about NASCAR and diversity. The Greensboro News and Record even had an editorial about NASCAR and their need to reach out to minorities. One TV news report that I saw was about NASCAR "reaching out" to historically black colleges with programs to get more minorities involved in racing. STOP!!!! I have had all that I can take about "diversity".

"Diversity" has become the altar at which the liberals (conservative word for those who feed at the public trough and spend all their time telling the rest of us how to live) worship. One more idiot babbling about the joys of diversity and I'm going to lose my lunch. But in the interest of fairness, I am willing to examine the logic of diversity. So let's get started.

The liberals have decided that NASCAR needs to diversify its fan base. Evidently they have found someone in the spineless France family (NASCAR owners) who believes them. So NASCAR is trying to make the sport more attractive to minorities. WHY?? Can't we just accept the fact that different people have different interests and talents? Isn't that the definition of diverse?

Let's carry this to other sports. When will the NBA start a program to "reach out" to historically white colleges? Do you think that the rosters of NBA teams accurately reflect the racial makeup of America? Let me see if I understand this, all black basketball teams are OK, all white NASCAR teams are not OK? Where the hell is the logic in that one? What do you have to be smoking before that one makes sense?

Let's keep going. How many white defensive backs are there in the NFL? Hint. You can write all their names on a Postit note. Do the rosters of NFL teams accurately reflect the makeup of the general population? Has the NFL "reached out" to historically white colleges to start programs to develop players? Why not? If it will work for NASCAR, surely the NFL and the NBA can do it. At least Major League Baseball has a better mix of minorities. If you don't agree, name one Hispanic NBA or NFL player. Yeah! Get back to me on that one.

Last year I saw a spot on baseball lamenting the declining number of blacks playing baseball. This is only speculation, but there are not as many opportunities in baseball to jump, dance, and beat your chest after making a play. I have about given up watching football because of the endless celebrations after routine plays. Let's face it, a guy making $10 million dollars a year to tackle people doesn't need to dance and demonstrate after each time he does that. At the restaurant we don't high step and bump chests everytime we serve a burger.

When will this endless worship of diversity end?? Will I have to wear shorts that go to my ankles and t-shirts that go to my knees? Will I have to install a $5000 sound system and put 20" rims on the minivan to prove I'm not a bigot? Maybe I could get by with a set of spinners from WalMart. Do I have to hang an air freshener from the rear view mirror or put one of those crown things on the dash? Will the do-gooders force me to tint the windows on the minivan and turn it into a lowrider? Will I have to put one of those MEXICO decals all across the back window?? Do I have to drink a soft drink with lime? Do all foods have to be spicey?? Will I be forced to listen to a rap song?? Speaking of rap, all the liberals complain about the lack of blacks in country music. How about a list of all the white rappers? You have room for that list on the same PostIt note that you listed defensive backs on earlier.

Outdoors? I like to go camping and hiking, I know that's hard to believe. There is an absence of minorities at the campgrounds and out on the trails. When are the liberals going to get some of those folks outside?? Judging by the rate of diabetes in minorities, everyone could use a little more exercise.

What's the point of this whole tirade? It's time to end the bullshit. Let's just accept that we are all different and move on. Think about it, do you really one everybody to be just like you? Even worse, do you want them to be just like me? Government backed social engineering has never worked and isn't going to start working today.


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