Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Se Habla Christmas Tree??

I saw on the news the other day that Mexico is trying to prevent some type of insect infestation in their country by checking Christmas Trees coming from the United States and Canada for the insects. The initial report was that they were banning the trees, but a later article stated that they were posting 100 Mexican government agents on the border to check these trees. In an incredible coincidence, the article also pointed out that Mexico's government- subsidized Christmas tree-growing industry hoped to start invading the tree market in the United States. The Mexican trees sell for about 50 % of what the United States trees do. Just another nail in the coffin of the myth of "free trade"!! Maybe NAFTA stood for "Not another frigging tree agreement".

While the Mexican trees sell for one half the price of US trees, it is reported that the Mexican trees are brown and under five feet tall.

Maybe we can start smuggling Christmas trees into Mexico. They might be hard to stuff into the trunk of a car but withh only 100 agents defending the Mexican border, we have a chance. Maybe we can throw the trees into the Rio Grande and have accomplices pull them out on the other side. The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.


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