Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rebels without a clue

The home of Jefferson Davis, only President of the Confederate States of America, in Mississippi was severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina. The Military Order of Stars and Bars (MOS&B) is collecting money to restore the home.
I was wondering if the Sons of Confederate Veterans were participating in this effort. I checked their website and found no indication of interest in restoring the house. I contacted a friend in the SCV who sent me an e-mail regarding their position. A national officer for the group described the MOS&B efforts as "granny-infested" and said that the SCV would not be participating.
Let's work through this slowly.
Step 1. The home of the only President of the Confederacy is damaged.
Step 2. The SCV purports to maintain monuments, etc. of the Confederacy.
Step 3. The home of Davis surely qualifies as a part of Confederate history.
Step 4. The SCV decides against helping the MOS&B repair the home because the MOS&B effort is "granny-infested".
Step 5. Ask the SCV why they give freely to lawsuits involving "Battle flag" t-shirts and "Battle flags" on toolboxes, and "Battle flags" at school, but don't want to repair the home of Jefferson Davis.
Step 6. Analyze all this information and come to a conclusion. The SCV is no longer an historical group and is not as interested in preservation as they are in waving a battle flag in someone's face.
Step 7. Tell those boys at the SCV to read their charter. They have become lost and are wandering in the wilderness. I will bet they send their children off to school in the morning with the warning, "Be careful, there may be grannies out there".
That does it for today. Another "historical" group exposed as a fraud.


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