Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looters and the lack of Diversity

I have been watching some news reports from New Orleans about all the looting taking place. All the looters seem to be black folks. Maybe this is just a media distortion and there are white folks looting a jewelry store somewhere in the French Quarter and we just haven't seen it yet. Or maybe it is a sign that there are huge cultural differences in how people react to the misfortune of others. There are people stealing televisions and gold chains. Are those needed for survival in a city that is 80% underwater now? Our cultures must really be far apart because I can't understand the thought process that goes, "We have been hit by a hurricane, my home is flooded, we have no electricity or water, I need to go steal some jewelry."
These are not the comments of a wild-eyed racist. This is an honest look at what is happening in New Orleans right now. We have created a culture of people who believe that they are "entitled" to whatever they want. These people are "takers", not "givers". Today they are taking what they want from other people in New Orleans.


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