Monday, August 08, 2005

Been to the Mall?

Today I ventured to Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro, a place I rarely go. I had some business to transact at Dillard's (More on their new credit card ripoffs at another time). Afterwards, I decided to go to the Post Office in the mall to mail an Express Mail letter. Major Mistake!!

The first group of people I encountered in the mall was a group of six. There was a fat woman in a whalechair with her leg elevated looking as if she has had surgery. Her chair was being pushed by a young man. Another young man and three girls completed the ensemble.
No one in the group weighed less than 250, maybe 275 pounds. The best news was that the whale in the whalechair was wearing a shirt that claimed "I'm Taken". The rest of the mall crowd was more than I can describe.

There are only TWO things of which I am sure:
1. I'm not going back to the mall anytime soon.
2. If P.T. Barnum were alive today he would be selling tickets to watch the crowd at the mall.
The Fat Man, The Bearded Lady, Tom Thumb, none of these can hold a candle to the crowd at the mall.


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