Sunday, August 21, 2005

Boycott Pamela Anderson???

I keep seeing billboards featuring Pamela Anderson urging people to boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken. I think that she is doing these ads for the PETA group. I was disappointed a few years ago when I found out that PETA did NOT stand for People Eating Tasty Animals.

Anyway Pamela seems to be concerned about painful debeaking and scalding of chickens, among other issues. Memo to Pam: I may just be some redneck from Caswell County, but let me tell you a little something you might not have learned about chickens out there in Southern California. First, they are debeaked because they have this ugly tendency to resort to cannibalism when bored and looking for a change in diet. How do you PETA folks feel about "painful" cannibalism?? Is it OK for chickens to kill and eat each other? Second: They are scalded because that's how you get the feathers off. We don't have any Chicken Salons here in North Carolina where we can send a chicken to get plucked. We have decided to go the scalding route. Rest assured that the first chicken who requests a trip to the Salon will get it.

BUT here's my main point Pammy!! You don't need to have a Mensa level IQ to ask yourself why a woman with breast implants and tattoos is complaining about how an 8-piece bucket of Original Recipe is treated. When they start giving chickens silicon breast implants to make them look better, we will talk. In the meantime Pammy, I am headed out to kill some corn and execute a few potatoes to go with that bucket of Original Recipe.


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