Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Seven steps to cheaper gas

Gas prices bothering you? Do you think that oil companies are doing their own looting in the wake of Katrina? Cheer up boys and girls!! Here's a way to drop those wallet-emptying gas prices. Send these suggestions to your Congressman or Senator and tell them to do something FOR us, not TO us for a change. Also, e-mail "W" and tell him that if he is worried about his "legacy", give these ideas a shot.

1. The President declares a state of emergency (not that big a deal, they do it regularly) and freezes the wholesale and retail gas prices at the level of August 1.
2. Order the Justice Department to file anti-trust suits seeking the breakup of all the recent oil company mergers. It is obvious that the reduced competition has resulted in higher prices and reduced supplies.
3. Congress should pass a 90% tax on windfall profits made by oil companies. Allow them the profit made per gallon last year and an allowance for inflation. Everything more than that gets taxed at 90%.
4. Contact the Saudis and suggest that production dramatically increase. If not, we already have an army in the neighborhood bringing democracy to Iraq. Maybe Saudi Arabia would do better as a democracy.
5. Tell the Mexicans to start shipping cheap oil north before we start shipping illegal, cheap laborers back home by the busload.
6. Start building refineries on some of those military bases that we want to close down. The federal government can build them and then lease them out. That should reduce the time it takes to get all of the permits to build. It will also provide jobs to those areas impacted by base closings.
7. Last, but certainly not least, we need to drill for oil in our own country to reduce our dependence on foreign supplies. "W' needs to call the sierra Club and the other environmentalists and tell them to start an "Adopt A Caribou" plan. We need to drill for oil in Alaska. I am not worried about Alaskan wildlife nearly as much as I am worried about the impact of expensive gasoline on our economy, not to mention the impact on my wallet.


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