Sunday, October 02, 2005

Diabetes 1, Gilbert 0

On September 20, I spoke to the Chapman Society. This is a historical group started by myself and some friends after we left the SCV. I like to describe us as "SCV refugees", but I'm the only one who thinks that is funny. Check us out at I had volunteered to speak on the topic of "The Battle of Kings Mountain, turning point of the American Revolution?".

I got up early on that morning and went to the restaurant for a couple of hours. I had a few things to take care of there before taking the day off. Before I left, I ate breakfast, I can't pass up a free meal. I went home and spent the day working around the yard. Trying to finish up, I skipped lunch and kept working. Finally around 4:30, I went inside and started to get ready to go to my meeting. I left the house around 5:45 and headed to Greensboro. Somewhere along the way I realized that I had not eaten and was feeling a little light-headed. That is usually a sign that my blood sugar is dropping. I stopped at Chick-Fil-A and picked up a sandwich and fries. Also bought a small ice cream to get some quick sugar into my system. Too little, too late. I sat waiting for the meeting to start and ate my sandwich.

I thought that everything was OK and started my alleged presentation. A little back ground info here. I have been to Kings Mountain more than a hundred times. I could find Ferguson's grave blindfolded. I have spoken to school groups several times about the battle. But on Tuesday night, I couldn't put anything together, couldn't find anything in the printouts that I had with me. The only thing that saved us was that Hollis "Skeets" Cahoon was at the meeting. Skeets is the Top Scot in Greensboro and a member of the Scottish American Military Society. So we ended up with more of a panel discussion on the battle. Skeets, thanks for your help!

What's the lesson here? Don't be an idiot, it only takes a few hours for diabetes to turn you into a dumbass. I have experienced this a couple of times before but I guess I just needed a reminder. It actually took until Thursday for me to get back to normal?

If you have diabetes, watch your sugar level better than I did that day!


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous AmyT said...

Too right, Gilbert! It sucks that we can't just buzz about our business like "normal" folk, but It Is What It Is, ay?

Visit me sometime at

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Kerri. said...

Gilbert, nice to find your blog! (I found the link on Amy's "Diabetes Mine" site.) I have had those wild Crash and Burn low bloodsugars too. I've been diabetic for 19 years.

I run my own blog over at Feel free to stop by and read about my diaster lows. And highs. And probably some nonsense about my cat and my boyfriend, but it's not all about diabetes, is it??



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