Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tom Delay Indicted!!

I know those of you who regard me as some kind of right wing extremist (thanks) , have been waiting for my thoughts on this.
My wife called me to tell me that she had received a CNN breaking news report that Delay had been indicted. I asked if the story had also mentioned that the sun would rise in the east the next morning.
Let's see, a Democratic prosecutor in Texas has spent more than two years chasing Delay and this conspiracy charge is his best shot?? What happened? The loitering charges didn't pan out?
Give me a break!! You charge people with conspiracy when nothing else is there. The threshold for proving conspiracy is so low that Tom Thumb looks down on it.
Basically, if I say "Hey! Let's knock over a liquor store" and you say "OK", we have engaged in a conspiracy. Makes no difference if anything actually happens. We will just have to wait and see what happens. The notion that members of Congress are saints is on par with the Tooth Fairy thing. I guess Delay just warranted special attention.
Where was this grand jury and prosecutor during LBJ's prime? There are stories of people who brought money to LBJ at the White House. For Democrats, the White House is that building that you occupy so rarely lately. My favorite LBJ story is that when he was in Congress he used to tell people to drop the money through the transom window (above the door). That way no one could actually say that they had seen him take a bribe. That is the 1950's version of " I did not have sex with that woman!". Believe what you want. Frankly, Washington, DC is the return address on most lies being circulated.


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