Sunday, October 09, 2005

McThoughts for the Day

Today at work, Jeff(Manager) started to tell me about something that he had heard Rush Limbaugh say. I cut him off and told him that contrary to what most believe, I never listen to Limbaugh. I explained that I think that Limbaugh says things because he is an entertainer, I say things because I actually believe them. With that in mind, a few nuggets (McThoughts) from the week.

1. On my way to pick up my son at school, I passed a few Habitat for Humanity homes. Habitat does good work, but the sight of a new Dodge Magnum with the Hemi engine parked in one of those driveways was more than I could stand. Why I should subsidize your home so that you can own a car that I can't afford is another program that I don't understand.

2. A dishwasher told me on Wednesday night that he couldn't work Saturday because the people at his other job wanted him to work there on Saturday. I guess our wanting him to work on Saturday wasn't as convincing. Wait! There is "the rest of the story". On Friday, he asked me for a salary advance. I asked him why he needed the money. "I need the money so that I can get to my other job on Saturday" was his reply. See "I love stupid people" elsewhere on this blog.

3. On Friday, a customer complained because we were going to charge him to substitute French Fries for potato chips. As I tried to explain the situation, he snapped " It's not the money!" My response was a simple " Then why did you ask to speak to me??". See "I love stupid people" elsewhere on this blog. I must be getting soft because I passed up the urge to ask the effeminate little fellow if he and his wife had to hire a sperm donor to have children.

4. In the restaurant business there is no phrase less understood by the public than " NO SUBSTITUTIONS". See "I love stupid people" elsewhere on this blog. Several years ago, a customer told Maggie, one of our waitresses, "I want to see your manager!" Maggie's response was an incredulous "You want to see OUR manager??" I walked over, explained what "No substitutions" meant and a legend was born. And to think they called Reagan "The Great Communicator".

5. Bush's pick of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court position seems to have upset a lot of alleged conservatives. I don't understand the fuss. All I want in a judge is a person who can tell right from wrong without taking a poll, a person who grasps that the law has become so complicated that one must seek legal advice before farting in a public place, and a person who has read the Constitution and understands that those words aren't negotiable. Last, but certainly not least, I want a person who understands "NO SUBSTITUTIONS"!! I think Harriet will do.

6. On a serious note, I have to get back on the Diet bandwagon tomorrow. I know, diet is the past tense of die. When I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago, I weighed 262 pounds. I was 5'8" when I had hair, today 5'7" is a stretch. That 262 pounds was a lot to carry. Hey! Maybe there is a link between obesity and diabetes. Anyway, I weigh about 215 today, still more than I need to tote. If I am successful in this, I will keep you posted. If not, don't ask.


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