Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Calling Judge Larry Joe Doherty!!!

Tom Delay was indicted again yesterday by a Texas Grand Jury. This after his lawyers asked for a dismissal based on what media sources refer to as "technical reasons". Yes, after months of investigation and testimony, the grand jury had indicted Delay for 2002 violations of a law that did not take effect until 2003. It's kind of like getting a ticket today for seat belt violations in 1985. That Ronnie Earle (prosecutor) must be some kind of lawyer! All that time and money to indict someone for breaking a law that did not exist at the time.

Ronnie had to cover his ass quickly on this one. Sooooo, he swore in a new grand jury. In just a few hours, they evidently heard enough testimony to indict Delay again. This time they added money laundering. What took the first grand jury so long?? They met for months hearing testimony before indicting Delay on the non-existent law during their last week. How did the new grand jury get all this done so quickly??

There is a solution to all of this. Let's get Larry Joe Walker (I think that is his name) from the "Texas Justice" TV show. I watched his TV show a couple of times. He may even be a Democrat. But Larry Joe sounds like he knows bullshit when he hears it and Ronnie Earle appears to be a fountain of BS. Let's agree to have Tom "The Hammer" Delay take on Ronnie " I gotta get me a law book" Earle on television. Finally a government function that could generate some positive cash flow for a change.


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