Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chunky Chicks and Battleflags, The SCV story

More news from the Sons of Confederate Veterans that reminds me that my decision to leave the group was correct. At the October meeting of the SCV General Executive Council, they voted to give $4000 to aid in a lawsuit filed in Kentucky on behalf of Jacqueline Duty.

Jacqueline Duty? I didn't recognize the name either, so Google came to the rescue. Duty is a Kentucky high school student who was barred from attending her prom in a dress fashioned after the best known Confederate battle flag. The school administration claimed that the dress would have been disruptive. I was familiar with the incident, I just didn't remember her name.

This is a perfect example of the mindless incidents in which the SCV has chosen to get involved. Why bother? The reasonable response to the Duty debacle, "A pox on both your houses!"

Let's look at this logically. Ms. Duty claims that her dress represents her heritage and that she has the right to wear it. Naturally, the SCV agrees with Ms. Duty. Let's give Ms. Duty a test on the Confederacy and the Civil War. To wear the dress, she needs to score 90% or better. Let's suppose, for just a moment, that Ms. Duty is actually informed about her heritage. If she actually reveres and seeks to honor this flag, why make a dress of it?? Will her boyfriend hanging all over the flag during the prom honor it? If the dress is removed for post prom activities, will she fold the flag/dress carefully or just let it drop to the floor? I could start comparisons to Monica Lewinsky's famous blue dress, but by now even the most slow witted among you have the idea.

Now let's talk about the school administrators. Fellows, here's your test about Confederate flags, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Since you are "educators", you have to score 95% to continue. After you finish your test, try these questions. Hey guys, did you screen everyone's dress before the prom?? Or did you just check those dumb enough to tell the world that they were wearing battleflags? How do you define "disruptive"? I see girls going to school in jeans that are so low slung that they are walking ads for laser hair removal. Isn't that disruptive? Have you listened to the lyrics of all the music that was played at the prom? Forget the music at the prom, how about your marching band bumping and grinding across the field at halftime? Do you even want to talk about cheerleaders?? Wait, I digress, let's get back to the prom. How about prom dresses that are low cut exposing more than average cleavage? Bad news about your standard for "disruptive" fellows, but if it's a tossup between exposed breasts and the Confederate battleflag, guess what's winning. If you guessed flag, check out the Viagra ads.

As you can see, it's a no-win situation. I've chosen not to participate.


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