Saturday, March 18, 2006

Captain D's- Racism or just lousy service??

In a rare moment of stupidity, I visited the Captain D's in Greensboro last week for dinner. My son and I met my wife there after work. We arrived at about 5:45 and went inside for a quick meal. This Captain D's is located just off US 29 in Greensboro.

We went inside and found a few people in front of us in line. The line moved quickly and we placed our order at 5:50. We didn't order anything unusual. Our three choices were all featured combos on the menu board. My receipt was number 258. If you have never been to D's, they call the number on your receipt when your order is ready. I sat down to wait for our order while my wife went to the dining room to get us a table. They are having some kind of contest, so my son checked our game piece to see if we had won anything. We won three of their new shrimp, the only good thing that would happen.

The first few minutes I watched as the order numbers before ours were served. Then at about the five minute mark, they started calling numbers after mine. No big deal, maybe they ordered something that took less time to cook. At the ten minute mark, I asked the cashier what had happened to my order as they were now on number 267. She asked what I had ordered. I gave her my order number and pointed out that my order information was available on their register system. As she appeared stunned by this revelation, I went ahead and told her what I had ordered. At the fifteen minute mark, I once again asked about my order. No response from the employees behind the counter. At this point, there were only two customers present. The cashier called number 275 , the other person waiting. He told me that he felt guilty about getting his order since he knew that I had been waiting for some time. At this point, I pointed out that seventeen people who ordered after me had been served and that I was the only person waiting for an order. About a minute later, a cashier put my order on two trays and in a moment of complete stupidity, called my number. I took our food to our table where my wife waited. She asked what had taken so long. I explained it to her and told her that I was struggling to stay calm. We ate quickly and left.

The next morning, I called Captain D's comment line. Of course, I got a voice mail message. I explained that I didn't expect to have a human speak to me on the phone since I couldn't get one to speak to me in their restaurant. I left a message explaining the previous night's disaster. The next day, I received a call from their area manager and explained their problems to him.

Now for the real issue, Was it lousy service or racism?? Of the seventeen people who ordered after me and were served before me, fifteen were black, one Mexican, and one white. The employees behind the counter were all black. If the skin colors had all been reversed, the NAACP would have been marching outside the next day. Liberals in our country are unable to believe that blacks are as capable of being racists. Let them have my experience at Captain D's and decide for themselves.

I waited while seventeen people who ordered after me were served before me. Despite my pointing out THREE times that I had not received my order, no one offered any explanation. No one in a management capacity spoke to me. No one offered an apology or explanation for their miserable performance.

Was it racism? I don't even care. I am voting with my wallet and Captain D's better frame that last dollar that they got from me. I will eat somewhere else.


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