Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who knew lacrosse could be so interesting??

The scandal surrounding the Duke (or Dook, if you are a UNC fan) lacrosse team grows daily in the news. This story has everything that Trash TV needs to make a hit show. Let's run down the list.

1. We have the Duke lacrosse team itself. They have been described as a bunch of rich, white kids who went to expensive prep schools before going to Duke. Wow! That must have taken a lot of research. How many lacrosse fields have you seen in the projects? It costs more than $40,000 a year to go to Duke, that pretty well eliminates a lot of middle income folks.

2. We are now treated to stories about how the residents of Durham dislike Duke and the students. News Flash for Durham residents!! If Duke shuts down and pulls out of Durham, your town will look like Beirut or Baghdad in about a week. Between the Duke Medical Center and the school, they keep a lot of you working. Learn to love it!

3. We have a District Attorney who faces an election in about three weeks. Is there a slight possibility that Mr. Nifong is trying find a case to satisfy black voters? Is there a slight possibility that the sun rises in the east?

4. Just for laughs, we throw in the class struggle story. It's a poor, black, single mother trying to work her way through college at an historically black university versus the rich, white kids from the formerly all white university. To top it off, the rich kids play a sport that most people have never watched or even heard of before.

5. Racial Profiling, yes, that is correct, we have racial profiling. There are 47 players on the Duke team. Only 46 had their DNA tested. One player was not tested because he was black. The other 46 players were all tested on the basis of race. That meets all of the criteria for racial profiling, yet I have not heard it mentioned. If it were 46 blacks being tested and one white guy left out, the NAACP would be marching to protest. Why not now??

Here's a few points to ponder and some more questions that I would like to have someone in the cast answer.

1. Duke players- If you guys are so smart, why did you pay two girls from an escort service $800 to strip? Seems a little pricey to me. I guess that falls into the "more money than sense" category.

2. News Media- This girl worked for an ESCORT Service. Is there anyone over 12 who doesn't realize that escort services are just fronts for prostitution? Do you think that they charge $100 just to have someone go to a movie with you? Maybe I missed it, but which network has investigated the service that employed the victim?

3. District Attorney Nifong- Do you remember that part about innocent until proven guilty? Are you just pandering to black voters? If you really believe that you have a case, why haven't you charged someone?

4. To the victim- You went to a house to take off your clothes and dance naked for 50 strangers. What the hell were you thinking?? The police station is 9/10 of a mile from the house, the Kroger store is almost 2 miles in the other direction. Why did you go to the Kroger store to "report the incident"?

5. To everyone shocked by the whole situation- Who ever heard of college students partying and drinking? Who is shocked to find that athletes get preferential treatment? Can you believe that someone from an escort service took off their clothes? Would an elected official do something just for votes? Would anyone tell a lie? Would a college fire a coach to preserve their reputation?

I don't really care what happens in this case. The Duke guys may be guilty as sin. The DA may be a vote whore. The victim may or may not be a victim. Duke may be the real victim.

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Does anyone remember Tawanna Brawley?


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