Monday, May 29, 2006

Dudley Do-Right and the Magic DNA

The saga of the Duke lacrosse team continues it's bizarre course. A couple of weeks ago, another player was indicted by Mike "Vote whore" Nifong's grand jury. The alleged victim picked her third assailant from a lineup of lacrosse players by telling the Durham police "It looks just like him without the mustache." The only problem with that is that the latest player has never had a mustache. There are photos of him the day before and the day after the alleged rape, no mustache. Would this affect any sane law enforcement agent?? Yes, but remember that we are talking about the Durham police.

There is also the DNA evidence or lack of it. There is a DNA sample from the trash can in the bathroom where the stripper claims to have been raped. While the lab cannot state conclusively that the DNA matches that of the player, they cannot rule it out. Can you believe this?? According to Nifong, a sample of your DNA in your bathroom trash can is solid evidence. What are the odds that there is some of your DNA in the bathroom trash can at your residence??

But NELL!!! Dudley Do-Right has stopped chasing Snidely Whiplash to come south and help Nifong with the case. He is stopping in Mayberry on the way to pick up an official Barney Fife fingerprint kit. Dudley has told Nifong that he believes that he may be able to find fingerprints at the player's home also. Warm up the electric chair!!


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