Friday, May 12, 2006

Freudian slip of the Week

I drove to Camp LeJeune yesterday to pick up a few surplus purchases. It is a little over 200 miles from home to the base so I always stop at a rest area on I-40 that is about at the halfway mark. This usually means that my first order of business upon arriving at the DRMO is to go to the restroom. But to get to the DRMO, I first have to stop at the Visitor Center to get a pass to go onto the base. Normally, no problem there.

Since Marines sense fear and indecision in others, you must be decisive when dealing with them at the Visitor Center. I usually go in, place all the required ID and other forms on the counter and announce, "I need a pass to pick up at the DRMO". This eliminates most of the questions from the Marines behind the counter. I guess that yesterday the bathroom urge was too strong and I walked in, placed my paperwork on the counter, and announced, " I need to piss up a pack at the DRMO". The Marine fell off of his stool laughing. I was laughing and corrected my previous request. I got my pass without any problems. He got a story he probably spent the day sharing with other Marines.


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