Friday, May 12, 2006

Car 54, Where are you??

In their handling of the now famous Duke lacrosse team rape case, the Durham police have become law enforcement legends. Legends like the Keystone Cops, Barney Fife, the guys from Barney Miller, and the pair from Car 54.

The report from Duke this week claims that the Durham police first told school officials that the alleged victim was not credible. They report that she kept changing her story. She first claimed to have been raped by twenty guys, then reduced it to three. Coincidentally, she claimed to have been raped by three guys ten years ago in a case where no arrests were ever made. I have heard that things come in threes but that may be carrying it a little too far.

It also appears that the alleged victim picked her attackers from a lineup composed solely of team members. This violates about every rule in law enforcement about setting up a lineup.

So how many times did the police interview the suspects before taking the case to the grand jury? Zero. How many times have they interviewed them since? Once again, zero.

In a slight defense of the Durham police, they did attempt to visit the dorm rooms of team members one Sunday and talk to members without their attorneys present. Bad news guys, even athletes at Duke have heard of the Constitution.

How many times has DA and "vote whore" Mike Nifong met with the suspects or their lawyers? Once gain, the big O, zero.

How much evidence did the grand jury hear before rubber stamping "Vote Whore" Nifong's request for an indictment? No one's talking, but in a session lasting less than six hours, they handed down a total of more than eighty indictments in a number of cases. How much attention could the two from Duke have received??

Is it just a coincidence that the second "dancer" changed her story after her bond in an unrelated case was reduced in a deal that "Vote whore" Nifong signed off on?

Just yesterday, the cab driver who claims that he transported suspect Seligmann home that night, was arrested on a three year old warrant for theft. What are the odds that this is an attempt by the police and the "Vote Whore" to get him to change his story??

Despite the fact that his constituency is ALL of the residents of Durham County, DA (dumb ass) and "Vote Whore" Nifong has not held any meetings at Duke like he has held at North Carolina Central. Why??

Since this issue seems to be dividing along racial lines, the question begs asking. Did Mike Nifong prostitute himself and the law to get the votes of black citizens and win his election campaign?? I


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