Sunday, June 11, 2006

Get the Friggin weatherman off the TV!!!!!

Sunday, 5:45 PM
In a moment of insanity I attempted to watch the NASCAR race when I got home from work. After about five minutes of the race, the TV was suddenly filled with Doppler images of a thunderstorm. Then for the next half hour the Weather idiot and his accomplice, the male bimbo weekend anchor, told us what to do when a tornado hits us. The fact that there had not been a tornado actually sighted did not deter this pair of Chicken Littles. Over and over, they repeated the same drivel. The weather idiot kept pointing to his Doppler radar screen and telling us that rotational winds were TRYING to form in the area. After about twenty minutes of this crap, the male bimbo finally owned up to something. "We are being flooded with calls about the race. We have the race on in the corner of the screen." Hey, I know that! Unfortunately, there was no audio and the picture was less than 25% of the screen. The rest of the screen was being filled with bimbo anchors, weather idiots, and Doppler screens.

The complete idiocy of this whole situation was in the advice they kept giving about what to do in case of a tornado. "Get under a heavy table", "Pull a couch over you", "Get into an interior room or a closet". My personal favorite was " If you are outside and cannot get to shelter, get into a ditch." If I am outside and can't get to shelter, what are the chances that I am watching these dumbasses on TV? I 'll just get my weather info from my weather rock. Thanks!


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