Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Topics

Mitt Romney is catching flak for saying that 47% of the voters are dependent upon the government and won't vote for him. Is this news? I thought that that was just one of the great unspoken truths in America. He hit the nail on the head. The Socialist running against him wants to expand that number. We can't afford the 47%!!!

Labor unions are big supporters of the Democratic Party. so you have to love this teachers strike in Chicago. Look at it. Big union on one side, headed up by a black woman. Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff, and Democrat on the other side. Emanuel has gone to court trying to get a judge to end the strike. Rahm, what about the rights of all those union workers?? He's just another lying hypocrite. Pardon me, he's just another Democrat.

Tell me again why we are wasting lives in Afghanistan. Let's leave that opium den!

Wednesday night dinners are starting again tomorrow night at Buffalo Church. That will keep me working one day a week anyway. Of course, I donate that labor.

The NFL is using replacement officials and people are complaining about their calls. So how is this different from when they use the regular officials??

Hillary and Barack seem to really have this whole "Arab Spring" thing under control. Just in case one of you two is reading, here's my thoughts. Let's close those embassies and bring all of our people home. Bring all of the foreign aid money home, too. Why do we keep borrowing money to give to countries like that? Screw 'em!! Let them burn some other country's flag and kill some other country's ambassador. Bring ours home to safety.

If you have seen the movie that the Muslim world is so upset about, raise your hand. Islam, the religion of peace. That must be one of the biggest lies ever told.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just thinkin' on Thursday

Michelle Obama appeared on "Dr. Oz" yesterday and they agreed that the biggest threat to national security is obesity. Since I am a fat, white, gun-owning, church-going, raging, conservative Republican, I have moved to the top of the heap in national security threats. It doesn't get much better than this!!

I won't bother pointing out that Michelle has a butt big enough to load grain onto and take to market.

The circus known as the DNC left Charlotte last week having to have broken their own rules to acknowledge the existence of God in their platform.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, what can I say?  I'll bet that there are Democrats who wanted God's name back in the platform just because they get up every morning and thank God that her term is almost over.

Jennifer Graham gave a speech at the DNC that bordered on a work of fiction. If that speech was checked before she gave it, no Democrat understands the word "facts". She attacked Romney for saying "Let Detroit go bankrupt." She credited Obama with having saved the American auto industry and more than a million jobs. Apparently former Michigan governor Graham does not know that both General Motors and Chrysler went into bankruptcy.

Obama's concern was not the investment of GM stockholders and bondholders, it was the jobs of the Obama supporting UAW union. The costs of labor union workers was one of the big factors in the demise of GM. Do you think that the Obama administration dealt fairly with all GM employees? While the UAW members kept their pensions, the employees of non-union GM businesses lost their pensions. That pretty much says it all.

For the deluded former governor Graham and her Democratic friends who believe that Obama saved the automobile business, I have one word, FORD. Yes, Ford didn't go bankrupt. The government doesn't own stock in Ford. There's no car czar at Ford. How could Graham give a speech about survival in the automobile business and leave out Ford??

Ms. Graham's performance showed that she either is a frustrated cheerleader or someone had spiked the Kool-Aid the Dems were drinking.

I was at the flea market in Lexington on Tuesday. As it was the anniversary of the 9/11 attack, I took a large American flag and a pole to fly it from. I wrongly assumed that there would be a great display of patriotism on that day. I was dead wrong. Mine was the only flag flying at the market. I actually had two people ask why I was flying a flag. Maybe Martin Luther King was right, America has about a seven day attention span.