Monday, May 11, 2009

Unclear on the concept?

Some of my employees have started putting marks on their time cards. When I asked why they did this, all responded in the same way. They want to be able to find their time cards easily. I guess that their name on the card is not enough to identify it for them. Soon, I will be having to change our paychecks to have the back read, "He swears that this is his mark." The march backwards continues.

How about that Air Force One flight by the Statue of Liberty? Some lackey fell on his sword the other day and resigned over the controversy. Remember when they fired people for screw-ups of this magnitude?? Will Congress hold hearings on this? If you believe they will, contact me at once. I have some prime real estate for you.

The temperature here in Piedmont North Carolina was in the mid 50's today. Where's that damn global warming when you need it?

Yesterday was Mother's Day. For years I have heard people use the term "Mother" in conjunction with my name, but not a single card for me this year.

GM and Chrysler appear to be on their way to being owned by the government. Even in the darkest days of Peanut Boy (Jimmy Carter), the government wasn't forcing auto companies into bankruptcy so that they could be nationalized. The word that you are looking for is "Socialism". Also see "Obama".

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything else here, but Antiques Roadshow is filming in Raleigh on June 27. After entering the drawing for tickets a few months ago, I came up a winner on Friday when ticket winners were listed. Now to find the appropriate two pieces of junk to take for appraisal. If I can't find anything in my mountain of shit at home, I am heading to Allstate Restaurant Equipment to check Irv's mountain for a winner.