Monday, June 13, 2016

HBO - History By Obama

Yep! You heard it here first. Yesterday I watched Obama's live address to the nation or those left alive in the nation about the slaughter in Orlando over the weekend.

Unable to address any situation without attacking gun owners, Obama stated that the Orlando tragedy was a reminder about the easy access to firearms. What if the killer had set the building on fire? Would Obama have spoken about the easy access to gasoline and matches??

Stop for a minute and think about this point by Obama. Here's a chance for him to start a whole new career as an alternative historian. He can start pointing out the real causes of historical events.

In History By Obama, Pearl Harbor was not caused by Japan's imperialistic goals but by a surplus of airplanes and aircraft carriers. If the Japanese had not had so many warplanes, they would not have attacked the United States. It's a whole new way of thinking, it's not a human mistake, it's a supply situation.

In History By Obama, Hitler didn't attack Europe and Russia because he was a power hungry madman. He did it because he had all those Panzer tanks sitting around. It was a manufacturing error!! Suddenly, "The Arms of Krupp" makes more sense. The Hitler wars were their fault.

In History by Obama, the American Revolution was probably started because there were a bunch of British soldiers in Boston with nothing to do. So a Royal Governor with easy access to British soldiers, sent them to Lexington and Concord. There's a lesson for President Obama in this one however. The Governor sent them out to eliminate the easy access to firearms by the Americans. That was the start of the First American Revolution. Write that down, Barack!!

In History by Obama, when Obama's Arab buddies attacked Israel repeatedly, it was not a hatred of the Jewish people or even a desire for their territory. It was about easy access to gasoline. The Arabs had all of that gas sitting around. They had no where to go, no grass to cut, no weedeating to do. They had to do something with all of that gasoline. Let's just fill up the tanks and the jets and go destroy Israel!!

I can't wait for the HBO mini series on the "History" channel!!!


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