Monday, April 18, 2016

High School Memories #1

To my Class of 1971 classmates. The biggest issue regarding restroom use in 1971 at Leto High School was fighting your way through the cigarette smoke and hoping there was toilet tissue in the dispenser in the stall. I miss the simpler times
Today Ringo Starr cancelled a concert in Cary, NC. Do you think that these stars use the same restrooms that the rest of us use?? No, they have some private spots backstage. Probably use Perrier in the flush cycles. I doubt that the toilet tissue has the texture of recycled newsprint and that the paper towels are recycled sandpaper.

I have been to a couple of Kenny Rogers concerts. Never met him waiting in line at intermission. How many entertainers have you met waiting in line at the restrooms?? Entertainers are like politicians. Politicians don't think you need guns. However, they are guarded by people with guns. Entertainers are all upset about the restroom issue, but they have private ones to use.

If you had told me 45 years ago that restrooms would be the national controversy for this year, I would have had you committed. But here we are.

Here's a simple solution. Put a picture of a penis on one door and a picture of a vagina on another door. Look at your equipment, if you must, then match it up with the drawing and use that door.
I understand that this will not sit well with those in the LGBT crowd, but that's the way it goes.

Mom said it best, "You aren't always going to get everything you want. Get used to it!!"


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