Thursday, December 03, 2015

Climate Change??

Climate change?? I have caught my limit on this subject for this lifetime. Forty five years ago, I sat in an Advanced Physics class at Leto High and struggled to stay awake as Rufus Noble Dillard droned on and on about something.  Then one day, we had a discussion about climate change. That was probably when Al Gore was in Vietnam as a photographer, so we didn't discuss global warming. Instead we discussed a growing theory that we were headed towards another Ice Age. I thought that it was BS then and I think that it is BS now.

Anyway, in the foodservice management business, we have people who practice what we call "snapshot management". They come in for about five minutes and determine how everything is running based on that observation. This is what scientists are doing today. They are taking data from today and extrapolating that data to fit long term scenarios. They want us to believe that they are all knowing.

If you believe in science that strongly, watch how often your weather forecaster on the evening news is wrong. They are only forecasting the next day!! They couldn't tell us that Katrina was going to turn or that Super Storm Sandy was going to maul the Northeast.

So what's climate change all about? Control and cash. Control is the first issue. There is no aspect of your life so small or so large that the government doesn't want to control it. That's just the nature of the beast. The ruling class travels in limos and yacht- sized cars while urging us to walk or take the bus. This is the old Soviet Union way of government and life. For Obama to go to Paris with the entourage that Presidential travel entails and then talk carbon footprints, brings hypocrisy to levels so high that they have never been seen before.

Then there is the biggie, cash. This is all about money. Governments have realized that they can tax this "carbon footprint" crap. We are going to have carbon taxes.  Businesses will be able to buy "carbon credits". Where is all of this money actually going to go? Don't tell me where they are promising us where it will go. In the coming edition of Roget's Thesaurus, "Climate change" will be listed as a synonym for bullshit!! Those in the know will be saying, "That's just C.C." instead of BS.

I am going outside to burn my last can of Freon..


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