Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The World Series starts today. Really?

The World Series will start in about an hour. I remember when they played it in October. At this rate, the "Fall Classic" will soon become a Winter Carnival.

 When I was a kid, Sandy Koufax missed a game because it was on Yom Kippur. If Sandy played today, he would have to worry about the Series interfering with Hanukah. Today, Reggie (Mr. October) Jackson would be Mr. November. There's a better chance of a game being called for snow than for rain. There's just something wrong with batboys wearing winter parkas.

When I was in school, we would run home from school to see the end of the game. I still can't get used to it being played late at night.  I don't have to run home now to see the game, I just have to struggle to stay up past my bedtime.

Baseball and other sports are carrying this "playoff" crap way too far. It's like the NBA. They play an 82 game season to decide which half of the teams will be in the playoffs. Even NASCAR has a playoff format. Of course, they let everybody keep racing, whether they can win the championship or not. I don't quite understand that format. This all may explain why I no longer qualify as a sports "fan".

 Let's face it. The Boys of Summer need to decide the World Series winner in early fall, not around Thanksgiving


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