Monday, October 05, 2015

Retirement and more??

Today is my first official day of retirement. I'm not on the payroll at Bojangles anymore. I turned 62 a week ago and had made the decision last year to take early retirement when I turned 62.

I am going to try to post on here more often. I am also starting a couple of other blogs that are a little more specialized. One is for those of you who are incredibly bored and watch Inside Edition, TMZ and other shows of that genre. You probably read People and US also. That blog will be a recount of what I am doing in retirement. Sounds like a real spellbinder, huh?? The other will be a collection of thoughts on my time at Bojangles. Yes, North Carolina's favorite chicken chain uncovered!!

In the meantime, a few thoughts on a rainy day.

I have also left Buffalo Church. A few thoughts on that are already posted on this blog and others may be found and more are coming on Buffalo Presbyterian Today.

John Boehner met with the Pope and announced his resignation the next day.  Conservative Catholics have already starting citing this as the first miracle performed by Pope Francis.
My candidate for President, Carly Fiorina is continuing to rise in the polls. 2016 may turn out to be the year that the American electorate actually think about their vote before casting their ballots. It is time for some serious change in government. More on that later.
CMT is on the television in the living room. From here, I can hear Luke Bryan singing(?) or whatever that is he does. Luke's music is for people who can't listen to real country music.
Donald Trump has agreed with rational Americans and pointed out that the recent school shooting in Oregon could have been stopped with an armed school teacher. Trump also purports to have a carry permit issued by New York State. Why do mass shootings always happen in "gun free zones"? Maybe criminals don't obey the laws??
At a meeting years ago, I heard the speaker describe Washington, D.C. as a "work-free drug zone". Sounds about right to me.
Time permitting before I run out of sarcasm, we will discuss the History Channel and why it should not have that name. Another day!!
The work of retirement beckons. Time to go.


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