Monday, July 27, 2015

Confederate Monument in Reidsville Vandalized

The Confederate monument in Reidsville's Greenview Cemetery was vandalized on Friday. The history of our nation is under attack and our leaders sit quietly by. It's time for some new leadership in our country. Why aren't these incidents being described as the hate crimes that they are?? What if people start tearing down and defacing markers celebrating Martin Luther King? The FBI would be out looking for vandals. Where are they in this case?
These actions are the same kind of thing that Hitler used to turn the German people against the Jews.
The photo showing the damage to the monument is from the Greensboro News& Record taken on Friday. The others I took this morning show the monument and the veterans headstones all covered to prevent more damage . The idea that someone would desecrate a cemetery should offend us all!!
My son William and I were there this morning for about ten minutes. While we were there, three other people stopped to take pictures. I think that some people are underestimating the growing outrage


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