Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dear Lowe's

Dear Lowe's
I was in your store in Reidsville about an hour ago. After picking up what I needed, I went to pay for it. The only registers open were at the self-checkout line. There ere seven customers and two registers. The other two self-checkout registers were not working. There was one employee watching customers ring up their purchases and one helping the guy in front of me ring up his purchase.
I don't know what kind of market research you did that indicated a fat, old,... grumpy guy wanted to play cashier at Lowe's, but your research is faulty. As I explained to the manager on duty, the next time I come in and there is no cashier, I will leave what I was going to buy at the checkout line and go somewhere else. It's not like there is a discount for doing it yourself.
If you are unclear on my meaning, I can direct you to a blog post that I wrote about self-checkout at Harris Teeter grocery stores. It's called U-Scan, U suck. Any Questions??
Gilbert Jones


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