Monday, March 16, 2015

Gay marriage??

As the runaway train that is gay marriage runs rampant through the federal court system, I feel like all is lost. Why do all these gay people want to get married? Do they long to pay child support and alimony? Do they lust to share their property and possessions with someone when it doesn't work out??

Have we lost our sense of right and wrong?? Does a vocal minority make it right?? How many of you want your child to come home and say, "Hey, did I mention that I was gay?"

I am sorry, but I come from a world where homosexuality is wrong. Don't waste your time telling me that it is natural. It will be natural as soon as a man gives birth by popping a baby out his ass.

I have worked with thousands of homosexuals over the many years in the food service business. I like and/or dislike them at about the same rate that I detest the general population.

If you ask gay men what causes homosexuality, most tell you that they were born that way. If you ask lesbians the same question, they tell you that women are more nurturing and they have better relationships with them. Apparently, I am in the rapidly diminishing number of men who just want to be men.

If pedophilia grows in popularity as quickly as homosexuality, Jerry Sandusky will be out of prison and operating a chain of daycare centers before I retire.

I am going to go vomit, I will finish this rant another day.


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