Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Lives Matter?

Yesterday as I was driving in Greensboro, I saw a protest group near the Wal-Mart on Wendover. There were about a dozen people gathered on a corner. They were holding a large sign that read, "Black Lives Matter". All but one of the group were black.

Why are they standing on a street corner telling me that? Do they believe it themselves? Do blacks believe that?  Why are they killing each other at such a horrific rate? They all got upset about the Ferguson shooting, but where's the outrage about the murder rate of young black men in Chicago? Is it because in Chicago it is other young black men doing the killing? Are they outraged that a black man died or only that he was killed by a white policeman?

How about a little outrage over the abortion rate among black women? Are they just too lazy to take a pill or are their partners too lazy to use a condom? The health department gives that stuff away free, there is no financial reason not to use them. If they were being forced to abort babies, they would be marching in the streets. But since they are choosing to kill their own offspring, it must be okay.

Their banner is at odds with their own actions. Call me when you really believe that.


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