Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

The news is filled with stories about budget cuts coming from the federal government. Is there anyone with more than a room temperature IQ who doesn't think that they spend too much??

To end the argument about how much damage a 5% budget will do to the economy, I will invoke Jones' rule of circumcision. You can take 10% off of anything and it will still work.

How did it cost the taxpayers for Michele Obama to appear on the Academy Awards show to present an Oscar the other night?

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. There's some information that you can't get everywhere!

Tried working the ##@@**## Sudoku puzzle again. The News & Record has changed sources on their Sudoku puzzle. It hasn't made any difference to me. I stil can't solve it.

College basketball peaks this month. March Madness will soon be in full swing. Someone wake me when it's over.

I received a picture of Alice (my granddaughter) today. The caption read, "Walking and drinking water at the same time." That's great!! I still can't do that.


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