Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of His Union

Here's a little rant that I posted on Facebook earlier today. If you aren't my friend on Facebook and not many people are, here it is.

I have watched and read the highlights of last night's State of his Union speech by the President. As all of my classmates at Pierce Jr. High who were in P.A. Russo's Civics class must know, Obama must have failed Civics. Had he stayed awake in class, he would have known that the function of the executive branch is to implement and enforce the laws that the legislative branch passes. Obama is threatening to implement carbon restrictions if the Congress does not pass a law doing that. This from a guy who rides in Air Force One, is chauffered in a five ton limo or rides around in armored SUVs. This is from a guy who has a carbon footprint bigger than his wife's butt. He wants us to ride in some electric car than can only go 50 miles and won't hold your family. This looks a lot like the leadership of the old Soviet Union. No wonder he wants to disarm us all!!!


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