Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Barack

Open letter to Barack Obama:

Mr. President,

 While you and your friends were playing golf at a private resort in Florida over the weekend, the price of gasoline went up between ten and fifteen cents a gallon. I'm telling you this because I know that you can't read those gas station signs from Air Force One or from the tinted windows of the limo.

 I know that it doesn't impact you because we the taxpayers buy your gasoline, but it matters to a lot of us who have to drive to our jobs. Those jobs enable us to keep paying taxes so that you and the rest of the ruling class don't have to get real jobs. So before you start bleeding us for Obamacare, how about a little relief on the price of gas??

It's interesting that you want to regulate health care, but have no interest in the price of gas. I realize that a lot of your supporters don't own cars, but take a look at it anyway.

Don't waste your breath on that carbon footprint crap. When you are riding around in a minivan, we will talk about that. In the interim, remember that real leaders lead by example. You need to park Air Force One and the limo and all of the Suburbans and gain a little credibility. Call if you have questions.

Gilbert Jones


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