Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Irv Cohen!!!

Out for lunch today, I ran into my long time friend Irv Cohen of Greensboro. Irv was the long time owner of Allstate Restaurant Equipment in Greensboro. He sold the business and retired a few years ago. Irv is celebrating his eightieth birthday this week. It might actually be today, but I had a little trouble hearing him.

Irv is a legend in the restaurant supply business. In December of 2008, I wrote a post on his pending retiring from the business. I used to run into Irv occasionally at auctions. If you wanted to know what the retail value was on an item, Irv would stop bidding at about 50% of that value. Caution, that was not a hard and fast rule for Irv. So if you run into him at an auction, you have been warned.

I bought from Irv for more than twenty years. Irv was a great guy with whom to do business. If he gave you a price for something, that's what you paid. He was an honest man in a business filled with people who are not. I always enjoyed buying from Irv. You always knew that he valued and appreciated your business. He's a great guy!!

I doubt that Irv will ever read this, but if you read it and know him, wish him a happy birthday.


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