Monday, November 02, 2015

Weekend Sports Recap?

I am not much of a sports fan, I routinely fall asleep during ball games or car races. It doesn't matter whether I am watching on television or if I am there in person.

I have heard all that I can stand about "fantasy football".  "Fantasy Football" is nothing more than a huge gambling scam in which all of the major media sources have decided to participate.

"Real" football is some kind of fantasy where we pay people huge sums of money to play a game. Then we have to watch them strut around after catching a ball acting like they have cured cancer or something. It's a game, idiot boy!! How many touchdown dances or end zone celebrations get performed at your job? When the mailman puts the right mail into your mailbox, does he dance around it and then pound his chest? When they give you the right order at the drive through window, do the McDonalds employees cross themselves and point up at the sky?? Do the Wal-Mart cashiers make that throat cutting gesture when they total up your purchase?

 Even though there is an election looming next year, how long will it be before someone in government wakes up and realizes that there is this huge national gambling network happening and the government isn't getting their piece of the action?? Wait!! Maybe I have missed something and all of this is taking place on Indian reservations.

Don't even get me started on NASCAR!! Here's a sport where they change the rules every week. Why do they still call it "stock car" racing? There isn't a single part from a production car on a NASCAR racecar. They can't decide if Matt Kenseth deliberately hit Joey Logano yesterday in the Martinsville race. Kenseth has been threatening to do this for a couple of weeks. So yesterday he had the motive, the means, and the opportunity. What is NASCAR waiting for? If they had called the Virginia Highway Patrol to investigate this "accident", it would be done by now. Joe Gibbs would be on his way to Martinsville to get Kenseth out on bail.

The NFL can't define a "reception". NASCAR can't tell you what an accident is or isn't. The government doesn't know what gambling is.

  It must be Monday..


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