Friday, December 04, 2015

Climate Change on Facebook

There was a post on Facebook the other day from the NRDC. That's the National Resources Defense Council. Sounds like some official government agency, right? It isn't. They wanted people "to take bold action" and sign a petition. They wanted us "to stand with Robert Redford" and they would deliver the petition to the Paris conference "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" or whatever it is this year. Below is an exchange of ideas on the issue.

Gilbert Jones At one point in history, almost all the scientists believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Many also believed that the earth was flat. We can't cure cancer. We can't change our behaviors to stop AIDS. We can't feed the poor. We can't stop nations like Iran and North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. Why are we worried about a "carbon footprint"? Some moron on the local news tonight ridiculed some Americans for not believing in "global warming". If it is any consolation Justin, I don't believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or that socialism works. Robert Redford needs to pack it in and gracefully exit the public stage.
Daren Scot Wilson No, there was little belief in the past about a flat Earth. It is a popular misconception that anyone thought that long ago.. But the Sun going around the Earth, yes, that was believed in for a long time.
Zach Drejza gilbert, smartest statement on this post, hence none of these morons being able to even respond to you. thank you

Diane Ellis McRoberts Wrong, Gilbert Jones! People CAN change their behaviors to stop AIDS. It's a matter of maturity and choice. We CAN feed the poor. And, MANY Americans know that global warming is a REAL issue. Also, feel free to keep your childhood fantasies of Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy alive. You don't seem to be living in reality elsewhere. Why not continue to believe what children believe?

Gilbert Jones Diane Ellis McRoberts Pardon me honey, but apparently you have drank all of the Kool-Aid that the "climate change" crowd is passing out. If we can change behaviors to stop AIDS, why haven't we? If we can feed the hungry, why don't we? If we can cure cancer, why haven't we? TODAY, more people will die from those causes than will die from climate change. "Climate Change" used to be called "global warming" before that theory lost traction. Obama flew to Paris to talk about "climate change". That took TWO 747's (Air Force One and its backup) and several cargo planes to carry the limos and Suburbans that make up the Presidential motorcade. Add the number of people in his entourage and the reporters covering the President and then measure the "carbon footprint" of that trip. What's the hypocrisy level there? Climate change?? Do you think that has never happened before? Did the Vikings call Greenland that just out of sarcasm? What caused the climate to change before the Industrial Age? Are you so vain as to believe that man can significantly alter the climate on his own? The "Climate Change" crowd only has one fact going for them. Barnum was right. There really is a sucker born every minute








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