Monday, April 18, 2016

NBA Bias??

The NBA Board of Commissioners will meet today to discuss the NC HB2 and whether it will impact next year's NBA All-Star game in Charlotte. The NBA has said that the law is discriminatory.

So the NBA thinks that we are discriminating in North Carolina? Lets look at the facts about the NBA. Is the ratio of white and black players reflective of the nation's ethnic makeup? How many players are of Hispanic and Asian ethnic background? How does the ethnic makeup of the head coaches compare to that of the players? Does the NBA have an affirmative action plan in place to help those under-represented ethnic groups?

Want to talk about sexual discrimination? Quick, name an openly gay NBA player!! There are many openly gay lesbians in the WNBA, but no gay men in the NBA. Given the law of averages, how does this happen? How many transgender players are in either league??

Here's some advice to the NBA lords. Shut up and play basketball!! Your own record on discrimination is abysmal. Call me when you want to have a factual discussion


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